Man Tried To Troll Police For Taking Part In Gay Pride & It Hilariously Backfired

Over the weekend, Wales hosted Pride Cymru, their annual pride celebration.

The event featured a faith tent for the very first time. Pride Cymru was attended by thousands of people from different religious backgrounds, celebrating their place in the LGBTQ community.

More than a hundred organizations took part in the parade.

Among the organizations was also the Wales Air Ambulance. A mascot of Wales Air Ambulance joined the event. Alongside the mascot of South Wales Police.

To share a photo of the two, police officer Rich Lewis took to twitter.

However, everyone wasn’t very impressed.

So, Wales Air Ambulance replied stating the obvious. The heat could be felt from miles away!

In fact, most of twitter could feel the burn.


Thank God their helicopters are available because I just witnessed Graham get a third degree burn.


Don’t be so upset about the copters, Graham.

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