Neighbour Calls Police To Shut Down Slip’n Slide S

Slip’N Slide Are Extremely Fun.

That statement might be true for many people but did you know that they are also illegal?  Well, they are not illegal per say, but it is considered unlawful if you use these suckers and block the road.

These police in the states is getting a bad name. However, one look at the following pictures and your face will instantly be lit up by a smile.

The town was getting ready for 4th of July celebrations, so they set up a slip’n slide. One resident, however, was not happy and lodged a complaint about the noise and how the kids were blocking the traffic.

However, when the cops arrived. It was clear that everything was fine there. So they did the obvious thing. They jumped in.

A Giant Slip’n Slide Was Supposedly Blocking The Road.

Via Katlen Joyce Smith

The Police Joined In The Fun, Rather Than Shutting It Down.

Via Travis Barker Vaughn Eagledove

Senior Officer Carrie Lee Commented. “We Looked At It And Determined It Wasn’t Really An Issue.”

When the cops get called because of the slip and slide we built in the road ……One of the best moments ever.Video Cred—–> Travis Barker Vaughn EagledoveTo use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, contact licensing@storyful.com

Geplaatst door Katlen Joyce Smith op Zondag 2 juli 2017

“So The First Thing I Said Was That I’m Not Here To Break Up Your Fun.”

Via Kat Smith

Katlen Joyce Smith, A Local Resident Recorded The Whole Thing And Uploaded It To Facebook.

Smith Wrote. “I Still Can’t Handle The Amazing-Ness Of It All”

Via Katlen Joyce Smith

“I hope the neighbour who called them saw it all go down!!” 

Via Travis Barker Vaughn Eagledove

“My Butt Got Wet.” Officer Joe Jones Said AT The End Of The Video.

Via Travis Barker Vaughn Eagledove

“When The Female Officer Asked For A Garbage Bag… She Took Off Her Radio And Went For It!”

Via Katlen Joyce Smith

“They Had Such Good Energy. All The Kids Were Loving It.” Travis Eagledove Said.

Via Katlen Joyce Smith

The Pictures Went Viral, And Many People Were Entertained By Them.

Via Facebook
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