Police Department’s Twitter Account Uses Memes For Announcements And Their Meme Game is On Point

We often see things in two major groups.

Those who are us, and those who are not. In the latter group, you’d have police force, celebrities, movie stars, government officials, militants etc. You know, those who don’t come into mind when referring to the general public.

As such, we, the general public, don’t really think of them as a part of us. So when they start doing stuff like us, about us, we feel a kind of kinship!

Just look at how we react when a President posts a meme.

While not a president, the Mumbai Police force is on the bandwagon.

They post memes and gifs.

And they’re not afraid to show their love for movies.

They love superheroes!

And everyone following them love them to death.

They know exactly what they’re doing.

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