Police Department Calls Out Teen Who Bragged About Vaping Weed & Twitter Can’t Stop Trolling Him

Since everyone’s got Twitter now, including the police, things have been pretty weird.

This one kid, Blake Albert, was vaping near a vehicle and his friend took a video and then Albert himself uploaded it. He also tagged the local police in it, which implies that he was probably vaping something illegal. Like weed.

Or meth.

But probably weed.

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This is Albert showing off.


And this is him vaping (weed) in front of a vehicle that he thought was a police car.

Except it wasn’t a police car.

It wasn’t a cop car at all! Poor Albert was so confused, he tried to save face by going down with his mate.

But he was quickly eviscerated.

Everyone found it absolutely hilarious.

That’s why over 170k people retweeted it in less than 2 days!

Even the SPN fandom invaded.


Basically what Blake was thinking when he uploaded it.

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