15+ Drawings By Talented Artist That Perfectly Illustrate The Pleasures Of Living Alone

The world needs artists

They take difficult and strange ideas and put them into a form that’s easily understood, easily comprehended. You know what they mean because you can feel them. Whether it’s poetry, a brilliant speech, a painting, or a photograph. The requirement of art is to say that it’s art.

With that established, allow me to introduce Idalia Candelas, a brilliantly talented artist with over 40K followers on Instagram. She creates illustrations of herself, and they all are wonderful. They’ve got character, and her current series is a great example of why you don’t need anyone but yourself to be happy.

#1 Coffee and high heels

#2 Sleep comfortably without needing to share the bed with anyone

#3 Chilling in your room

#4 Read your favourite book in your favourite underwear

#5 Books, beds, and coffee.

#6 Get out of the shower naked. Take a stroll in your room naked. Enjoy the freedom.

#7 Relax in the kitchen

#8 Smoke at your leisure

#9 Go on a date with yourself

#10 Walk around half naked at your own comfort

#11 Just lie around

#12 Unwind to a calm, peaceful room

#13 Workout and take care of yourself

#14 Midnight snacks!

#15 Couch potato

#16 Take your own fashion advice

#17 And finally, be comfortable in your own skin without anyone else encouraging you.

Source of all images: Idalia Candelas Instagram

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