10+ Illustrations That Show Planets As Comic Book Characters And We Are Here For It

What if planets were comic book characters?

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think about that each and every moment of my life. I mean what kind of character would Earth be like? Well, as it turns out, she would be a small girl who always insists on the fact that she is not flat.

No, I did not just make that up. But Earth isn’t the only one on this roster of planets. We have Uranus, Mars and many more. Even Pluto makes a small appearance. These might be comics but, one thing is for sure though, we should all start loving our Earth.

Source: DeviantArt

#1 Damn you, Tectonic Plates.

#2 I don’t think Human-Kuns are happy about that.

#3 Humans are ruining love lives.

#4 I can certainly understand that.

#5 Shaving is a choice after all!

#6 War!

#7 Jealousy at it’s finest.

#8 Moon got ripped.

#9 Don’t ever look at them directly.

#10 No, I didn’t.

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