Tumblr User Shares Why Plague Masks During Bubonic Plague Were A Design Masterpiece

The Black Death

‘The Black Death’ another name for ‘The Great Plague’ was a medieval pandemic that claimed the lives of millions of people in the early 1300s. It’s known as one of the five deadliest outbreaks in history. Ostensibly originating in Central Asia and then making its way to Europe; the disease was spread by rats, causing fever, swelling(bubo) and in most cases even death.

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It is believed the plague was caused by bacterium Yersinia pestis, causing swellings in the armpits and the groin region; which worsened with time. Another closely associated symptom was the gangrene( death of body tissues) of the fingers, nose and lips that usually resulted in death – hence, giving it the name “The Black Death.”

To stop the disease from spreading and to treat the affected, doctors used a special suit – designed by a French Doctor, Charles de Lorme, that gave protection against the contagious disease. So, today we will see how this ‘special suit’ that apparently looked creepy was actually a master design that provided resistance against the infectious disease.

And to our luck, Tumblr users have already shortlisted all the facts that easily prove why the ‘plague mask’ design was absolutely brilliant. So, let’s see what they have to say!


The ‘creepy’ design was intentional.

Here’s where the famous ‘Miasma theory’ comes into play.

The suit was meticulously designed.

That’s very thoughtful, to be honest.

Though the doctors of the time had no proper researched-based evidence about how things worked; they still practised quarantine.

That was indeed something! What do you guys think about it? Leave a comment below and share your views with us!

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