10+ Pizza Delivery Drivers Share The Crazy Things That Got The Weird Customers Blacklisted

These pizza delivery drivers have seen some weird s**t.

I get that the world has loads of people that are completely bonkers but these stories just take it up a notch. Who knew there were so many people trying to get free food by lying? I mean that is just wrong.

And yet judging by these stories, this happens every day to restaurants and places that deliver food. Well, today we heard crazy stories that these pizza delivery drivers have themselves witnessed.

Let me warn you though; things are about to get a little crazy.

Source: AskReddit

#1 Why would she do that?

#2 I really do think he was serious.

#3 Okay that is just plain weird.

#4 That is actually pretty hilarious.

#5 I have no idea what to say to that.

#6 It’s just a little cheese! Geez!

#7 I think he tried to kill his wife.

#8 Glad you guys were there for him.

#9 Something was clearly going on.

#10 I wonder why she had the same long black hair?

#11 Yeah, I wouldn’t deliver there either.

#12 That is what I would have done.

#13 Wrong store? Oh really!?

#14 Sounds like something I would do.

#15 I would have just kept the thousand dollars.

Have you ever worked in a pizza delivery place? If so you must have a lot of crazy stories to share. So why not share them below in the comments?

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