Pitbull Was Not Allowed To Petsmart’s Dog Party Because They Believe ‘Pitbulls Are Agressive’

No dog is a bully breed.

It’s the owners that make a dog act aggresive, so it is not at all the dog’s fault. However, many people seem to forget that and label an innocent dog a bully breed. When will people learn? Even the veterinarian staff who is supposed to welcome all breeds tends to exclude some.

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, I am talking about the people at Petsmart. You see, one happy-go-lucky pitbull was very excited to go to a party when his owner realized that he was not allowed because apparently pitbulls are ‘bully-breeds’.

Just look at this face and tell me that this isn’t an outrage.

Via Twitter

Just look at the hat! He was ready for the barkarita!

Via Twitter

Ashley was so dissapointed that she decided to tweet about it.

And even though people at Petsmart wanted to play it off as nothing, a twitter user had another plan for them.

So as it turns out, you can shop at their stores but not be included in the parties if you are an owner of a bully-breed.

So when one user tweeted at Petco, they were more than happy to welcome more customers.

And that is not all, Blu and her owner did stop by Petco afterall. Guess Petsmart lost a lot of good customers because of this.

Do you think there is such a thing as bully-breeds? Or is it all because of the owners? Comment down below and let us know.


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  1. Good gravy, I believe in specific dog breeds. This “bully-breed” tag is something someone came up with to lump together some dogs that “look” like each other or maybe it’s because they have
    “bulldog” in their name. I never understood what breed fell under that tag and why. Is a Frenchie considered a “bully-breed”? I believe each dog has its own attitude and characteristics. Judge each dog. I have seen some pretty aggressive poodles and yorkies in those pet stores; it is not the breed.

  2. Blu looks beautiful. Kind of looks sad there, not like a bully, mean or aggressive. Plus from the looks of it, Blu looked better controlled than the humans that work in a pet store and are supposed to care for all pets. Look at that face, it looks completely harmless.

  3. Had a rescue pit (6 mo old) and she was quite aggressive. We took her to obedience school and she was much better. Gave her lots of love and there was never a problem with her and people. However, she became very aggressive with other animals, we could never break her of that. Think it had something to do with whoever had her as a puppy. She was a loving , smart dog but she did have that other side to her. She died at 13, we never had any incidences with her because we were responsible owners and knew her limits.

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