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Pit Bull Realizes Why He Was Brought Back To Shelter By His Family & His Reaction Is Heartbreaking

Pit Bull Realizes Why He Was Brought Back To Shelter By His Family & His Reaction Is Heartbreaking

Dogs living in shelters, waiting all their life for someone to make them a part of their loving home, is indeed a sad reality.

Exact figures from research show that a total of 3.9 million dogs are found in animal shelters, each year. Out of which only 1.4 million are adopted. That means a LOT of dogs that are still deprived of love.

We can only imagine the happiness dogs feel once someone accepts them and brings them to their home. This happiness is often reflected by their dramatically increased involvement in everything in life. It improves their health and makes them feel more alive. However, it’s not always like that. Sometimes even after being adopted, dogs are sent back to shelters.

Somewhat similar is the story of the dog named Moses.

Moses is a four-year-old pit bull.

Moses was finally adopted, but just a year later when his owner decided to move somewhere else, he was given back to the same shelter. The story of what happened next is simply heartbreaking.

Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, California is where Moses was adopted from.

He found himself a very loving family who even had a few kids and some other pets including cats and other dogs. This new, yet loving environment was more than just fine to make Moses happy.

Unfortunately, everything did not last for long. The family had to move to another place, and they couldn’t take Moses with them.

And so, one day, the family came again to the shelter but this time to give back Moses.

Seeing the look on their faces, the staff quickly figured what was coming next. Nancy, a staff member of the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency, said in an interview “I had to catch my breath. As I asked why, he said they had to move and [Moses] wasn’t allowed. I took out my phone and well… you can see for yourself.”

Everything was sad already, but what’s more tragic is when it was the time to say goodbye, somehow Moses already knew what was happening. Or, at least that’s what it seemed like by the look on the poor puppy’s face. Nancy said, “It’s like he ‘knew’ the way he clung to his owner.”

The sadness is palpable.

Nancy and the other staff members were very heartbroken seeing the family surrendering back Moses to the same place where they first took and accepted him from. “My heart literally sank,” Nancy said. “He wanted to meet everyone there, including the boy and his mom who were in the lobby. It took everything in me not to just take him home.”

However, this is not the end of the story.

Since then Moses has been listed up for adoption again. This time hopefully things will be different and better. He will get a family who would take his complete responsibility and give him the love he deserves. This was certainly not the end. There is always hope.

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