Pimple Popping Nails Are Trending And They Will Make You Barf

Amazing as to what will pass as a new ‘trend’ these days.

Well, these are well spent ten minutes of my life that I’m never getting back. The new trend of pimple popping nails was apparently for Halloween. I am not sure which costume they are going to be paired with. A big pus-filled nose? Maybe you have an idea that suits this new ‘trend’.

Natasha Lee, a Youtuber, came up with the idea for the pimple popping nails. I mean, we are obsessed with pimple popping videos, so why not try it with nails? That is how the following video was created.

Are we really so bored with glitter nails?

Via Youtube

That we are resorting to this?

Via Youtube

I was amazed and disgusted at the same time.

Via Youtube

She even did something ‘special’  for her ring finger.

Via Youtube

So if you were looking for a costume for next year or for a party, these poppin nails would definitely be right up your alley. One of them even pops and spurts out the curiously looking pus.

If you are obsessed with pimple popping videos and love the feeling of popping your own pimples, this is the nail art for you. Natasha Lee thankfully provides us with a detailed video as for how to achieve this greatness. I’ll surely be rocking these next time you see me.

Following is the detailed video.

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