21 Pictures That Will Only Slightly Piss You Off

Sometimes it can be all too easy to annoy people. Maybe you catch them on a bad day or maybe they’ve just had enough… or maybe it’s because they have laid eyes on some of these pictures. These images, probably assembled by experts in the art of pissing people off, are enough to get anyone irritated, mainly because they are just so frustrating (who’s wise idea was it to put scissors in packaging that can only be opened with scissors? Who?). So, sit back, try to relax and stop your fists from clenching- it’s only going to get worse from here…

#1. Firstly, there’s this atrocity to all pizza kind.

Twitter @kimtheproduct

#2. Then there’s this guy who only wanted an ice cream.

Twitter @youngweonhi

#3. I know there’s a debate around which goes in first but this is just ridiculous…


#4. Well, this person at least got their money’s worth of cheese.


#5. This picture just gets more annoying the longer you stare at it.

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