Pic Of Husky With Shaved Body Causes Concern

Recently on Twitter, this bizarre picture of a Husky with a shaven body took over the internet


Even though the picture itself is legit, we still don’t have context. Why was the husky shaved? Why was it necessary? And why does he look like he just had a head transplant?

It has prompted a few… challengers


Nevertheless, while the husky does end up being pretty funny looking, a vet gave reason for concern.

Jeff Werber, an Emmy winner, had this to say:

“It will protect them from the heat and sunburn, and in the cold it protects from the cold weather. However if the coat is unhealthy and is matted or has some type of skin disease and for medical reasons we need to shave, then it would be advisable.”

So while the doggy does look hilarious, we really hope that he’s doing okay. In the mean time, watch over the souls of the damned and guide them into a world of peace, Shaven Doggo.

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