Physics Professor Destroyed Flat Earther’s Logic By Simple Math

Oh, my world…

The flat earth society is hands down the weirdest organization out there. They think that the earth is flat, I mean, what even?

Flat earthers are proved wrong every day, but what keeps them going is beyond me. A lot of times, they prove themselves wrong. Which is natural because they’re human beings, they can’t be this much of a train wreck. They try to prove us wrong but end up proving themselves wrong. Well, it’s not their fault because even if they try, their brain still won’t give up on them.

The worst part is that even after this, they still believe that the earth is flat. They want to be corrected the hard way; they got it.

Using just six images, a physics professor completely destroys a flat earther.

Scroll down and see it for yourself.

Image source: WiggleMyDick

#1. Let’s say…

#2. Yes, please. “Don’t be afraid.”

#3. Ask the guards to let you stay, just clear your mind. Whatever it takes.

#4. The north pole is not a pole standing in the north. I thought I had to explain to you that, or you may come up with a new “no pole society.”

#5. Nice work, professor!

#6. For further inquiries, do as the professor said.

If this doesn’t stop the flat earther, I really don’t know what will…

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