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Disney Princesses Get Photoshopped Into Celeb Pictures And It's A Must See

Disney Princesses Get Photoshopped Into Celeb Pictures And It’s A Must See

Who doesn’t love Disney? It’s the heart and soul of all of our childhoods. Whether you were a fan of Belle or Aurora, preferred Prince Phillip or Prince Charming, you’ll always revere them as some celebrities. And guess what? Some brilliant guy with a flair for Photoshop decided to bring your wildest dream to reality!

The artist spliced Disney princesses (and at times, princes too) into images of celebrities, and created a magical little thing that the internet will forever remember.

Known as Andhika Muksin, he uploads his pictures on his Instagram and currently has a following of 22.7 thousand people!

Here are Pocahontas and Snow White jamming out in Coachella

Andhika Muksin

No? Maybe you prefer a little bit of Sleeping Beauty.

Aurora is joining in and showing off her moves!

Oh, I know, you still wish you were born a mermaid. No worries, Muksin’s got you covered.

Personally, Prince Eric and Princess Ariel make the cutest Disney couple. I don’t know why, even though I’m more of a Disney Prince Simba kind of guy.

How about a bit of the exotic Prince Naveen and the hardworking Princess Tiana?

Perhaps, after seeing Emma Watson play Belle, you want to see her own that MET Gala.


Check out Charming and Cinderella dodging the paparazzi’s like real royalty!

He even made some celebrating the “bromance” of Prince Eric and Prince Phillip!

Look how cute they are! Totally not gay.


Okay, nope, never mind, they’re definitely gay

And come on, what’s a bit of Disney without some evil witches?

Andhika Muksin has created some marvelous designs, so simple and yet so perfect. I honestly wish I had thought of it myself. But, nevertheless, he’s done us all a tremendous service.

Hats off to you, my dude, may the internet make memes of your work till the end of time.

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