Internet Photoshopped Nicolas Cage’s Face Into Cats & It’s Hilariously Uncomfortable

Let’s be honest. When it comes to photoshopping celebrities for entertainment purpose, we all wanna see Nicolas Cage.

I mean, why wouldn’t we? People have been photoshopping him to make memes and hilarious pictures for ages now! Like for instance someone just photoshopped his face on rap album covers and the result was absolutely amazing! Pictures of Nicolas Cage have also been used by various artists in the image-morphing process to make funny animations.

However, what we are going to show you today is unlike anything you have ever seen before! Somebody has swapped Nicolas’s face with cats and we have the pictures! It’s just as hilarious as it sounds. These images are freaky, funny, weird and creepy, but they’re amusing overall. Also, we shouldn’t forget how Nicolas Cage once told David Letterman in 2010 that he took Magic Mushrooms(mushrooms with Psychedelic effects) with his cat because it makes everything more relatable!

So what are we waiting for? Without any further delay just scroll down and see the legendary pictures yourself!

The goofy Nicolas-cat.

The awkward pose.

The envious face!

The aggressive mode!

The scared pose! (This one is my personal favorite.)

The fake laugh.

The “done with your sh*t face.”

The little bit of every emotion face.

So what do you think about these images? Did you like them and did you find any specific one that you can relate to? Or do you have better pictures of Cage or some other celebrity that you want to share? Comment below and let us know!

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