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Photoshop Miracle Worker Proves Why Social Media Is Misleading

Photoshop Miracle Worker Proves Why Social Media Is Misleading

You should never trust anything you see online

If you’re not ready to believe that just yet, just keep scrolling down. But first, some context.

Weibo is the Chinese equivalent of Facebook. It has over 300 million active users, and one of them is Kanahoooo. But most people on Weibo refer to her as “Photoshop Holy” because the stuff that she does is nothing short of divine intervention.

In an interview with MSN, she said that her job is to make models look “shiny”. which you’ll understand if you look through her work. She also provides her professional skillset to people on social media who want to look differently.

“Don’t believe the perfect thing you see online!” Kanahoooo says. “If you want to find out about somebody, then see them in real life.” And after looking through her creations, I wholeheartedly agree.

The line between real and fiction is blurred beyond recognition online.

#1 Dinner

#2 Her face is thinner and more oval

#3 This is nothing short of sorcery

#4 Slight adjustment and her eyes are larger

#5 You can barely tell if they were touched up like that

#6 You’ve probably seen countless images like these before

#7 And you’ve never once thought that they were altered to this extent

#8 Sure, you thought they filtered it or something

#9 But changes like these?

#10 No, this is just unbelievable, that’s a guy

#11 Skins are lighter, lips are redder, eyes are bigger.

#12 It’s magic

#13 It’s also pretty misleading

#14 No wonder Photoshop Holy advised us not to believe anything

#15 And it’s not just girls either, it’s guys too.

#16 Hot damn, if you could take her expertise and turn it into a filter

#17 No one would ever believe what they saw online ever again

#18 After looking through these, I’m sure I won’t

#19 This is just ridiculous, he’s already good looking

#20 In fact, most of the people here are already good looking

#21 They really don’t need to be photoshopped

#22 She looks kinda creepy in the edit

#23 I don’t know which is real and which is fake anymore

#24 I repeat, they’re already good looking.

#25 They really don’t need to be photoshopped at all

#26 They all look somewhat the same in the after picture.

#27 Manga like eyes

#28 Oval faces

#29 Redder lips

#30 Generally brighter

#31 It’s just ridiculous!

#32 She got rid of the bruises too

#33 The beauty standards must be impossible

#34 Again, she looks a little creepy in the edit

#35 They looked fine before!

#36 They’re both cute but they just look like different people.

#37 Manga eyes

#38 They even start off young

#39 This is why I have trust issues

#40 From 55 to 25.

Source for images: Weibo kanahoooo

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