10+ Photoshop Fails That Are So Epic They Will Definitely Leave You In Hysterics

Don’t use Photoshop if you don’t know how to.

Have you ever used Photoshop in your life? Did you use it for legit stuff or just for fun? These 20 people proved that they have no idea how to put the software to proper use.

Check out these photos and make sure you never make this mistake in your life. There’s no going back from these, people!

1. The abs on this kid!

2. Such beauty, much wow!

3. Exactly the kind of hunk you’re looking for.

4. Her neck, though.

5. It looks like The Babysitter has two right hands. Creepy, right?

6. That waist is slightly out of proportion.

7. Those pockets are stretched, yes. But not because of the ass!

8. What a beautiful laugh she has.

9. Do you see what’s wrong here?

10. When you see it.

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