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Photographer Takes Photos Of Newborn Pup Like Babies And It's Gonna Warm Your Heart

Photographer Takes Photos Of Newborn Pup Like Babies And It’s Gonna Warm Your Heart

This is a whole new trend.

While scrolling through my News Feed, I usually see photo shoots of mothers expecting a baby, or newborns in adorable poses with a cute background. They usually make your heart melt because babies are a blessing from God.

But why should human babies get all the fame? Puppies are just as adorable, and newborn pups deserve lovely photoshoots too! Photographer Brenden Boggs started a new trend by taking amazing pictures of this newborn Frenchie pup.

You can check out his other work at So Cute Photos and Olive on Instagram. Scroll down below and get ready to say “Aww!”

1. Cute flower crown!

2. Aww, the baby is asleep.

3. I can’t handle the cuteness.

4. I want to cuddle with it.


6. Please wake up and hug me.

7. I’d choose Olive over a human baby any day.


9. That tongue!

10. I can’t get enough of his paws.

11. Baby sleeping in a basket now.

12. He finally woke up!

13. All curled up.

14. HE IS UP.

15. So innocent.

16. Puppy burrito.

17. Olive says hi!

What do you think of this cute baby? Let us know in the comments below!

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