People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Irish Wolfhounds And Showing How Big Their Doggos Are

Wolfhounds are not as scary as they look.

Quite the contrary actually, they are one of the most lovable breeds but many people forget that just because of their weight and height. Don’t get me wrong, I was quite scared of big dogs too, but recently I’ve learned that every breed just wants some love.

Yes, I am well aware that in the past these dogs used to hunt with wolves and that is how they got their name rather than how they looked. However, today we are here to show you some adorable antics of these big doggos.

So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 When you pass Burger King without stopping.

Via TJNel

#2 Where is the dog in this?

Via katebanaszak

#3 At least his butt is comfortable.

Via jsep

#4 Welcome to our lovely home.

Via majodian

#5 Now, this is true love. 

Via Kaldea

#6 Two adorable friends.

Via danmfc1

#7 Even in 1974, Big doggos were the same.

Via -Rin

#8 The big dog comes with two tiny ones.

#9 I think the date went well.

Via imgur

#10 Copy-dogs?

Via wolfgang2242

#11 I know what the kitty is thinking.

Via storyofohno

#12 You might wanna use glue to put him back.

Via mexi_coke

#13 Hello to you too little fellow.

Via 50NosAndAYesMeansYes

#14 The pony sure does look happy.

Via ToniJabroni

#15 Me when my mom is making food.

Via snixon67

#16 Being big doesn’t mean you don’t get scared.

Via thewolfiechronicles

#17 What did the dog eat?

Via DragoNika

#18 After a day of hard playing.

Via deadmuleranch

#19 Probably very comfortable.

#20 Still a lap dog I see.

#21 Don’t worry; Everyone gets scared of thunder once in a while.

Via justsomeinspiration

#22 The safest place.

Via z0a87

#23 The smallest horse and a wolf-hound.

Via Allan Hutchings

#24 Just stare into those big eyes.

Via kakianyx

#25 That tail though.

#26 We are gonna need a bigger car.

Via boethius27

#27 This is what happiness looks like.

Via Torben Ager

#28 What we see here is a half grandma and half wolf-hound.

#29 Those pearly whites!

#30 They should make bigger seats.

Via murphyirishwolfhound

#31 Corgis are probably jealous.

#32 He is gonna grow even taller.

Via scareraven

#33 Look at those pleading eyes!

Via winterthewolfhound

#34 When you want more food.

Via ratcandies

#35 She is gonna be flying soon enough.

#36 Who needs bowls?

#37 I see you mastered the pilates move.

#38 The dog looks resigned with his life.

Via kitkatscuba

#39 For reference, the guy is 6’1.

Via littlemonky

#40 Did we disturb you?

#41 What is the Queen doing here?

Via snixon67

#42 All I see is a fluffy rug. 

Via midwest_irishwolfhounds_ranch

#43 Isn’t he uncomfortable?

Via nancyssouthwestplace

#44 No room for a human.

Via theseanmanning356

#45 Just don’t breathe.

Via CircleCityIrish

#46 Definitely a surprise.

Via Crandog

#47 Shino Ibu will own him soon.

Via Kaldea

#48 I would be happy too.

Via ashikoman23

#49 He does not like being weighted.

Via layla.the.wolfie

#50 Going for a walk.

Via georgethesausage

What do you think of these big boys? Let us know in the comments below.

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