Photographer Took Photos At Ugliest And Most Random Places Proves That It’s All About Skills Not The Location

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 24, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

Does good photography come from the scenery or the photographer?

They’ve taken jawdropping pictures with bad cameras, good cameras, and now, photographers have come forth showing that the scenery doesn’t, in fact, matter. Which might be a bit shocking to the rest of us, since we’ve seen people go to great lengths to get the perfect scenery.

But upon looking at these results, I know one thing.

Even the most mundane of settings can be made beautiful with the right eye, and a good photographer.

Source: jennamartinphotography.com (h/t petapixel)

#1 Colour gallery.

“Instead of searching out the usual beautiful locations around where we live, I had the idea to do just the opposite, I wanted to go somewhere ‘ugly’ by all conventional photography standards and then see what we could do with it. Lowe’s seemed like the perfect option.”

#2 Initial unedited.

“I wanted somewhere with horrible lighting and limited backdrops. Somewhere that made absolutely no sense for a photo shoot.” Before she started shooting, Martin set herself some rules:

#3 The edited colour gallery.

1) They had to work with whatever was already there. The photographer brought just her camera, without any artificial lighting or props;

#4 Lighting section.

2) They couldn’t rearrange the displays or make any big changes;

#5 Initial, unedited.

3) They’d stop shooting if anyone else was in the background.

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