Photographer Tossed Powder On Some Dogs And Took The Most Magical Photos Ever

Just some fairy dust is all they needed.

I know most of us have seen hundreds of dog pictures on the Internet and while we at Rearfront love dogs, everyone can get a bit bored of the same old thing again and again. That is why today we are here to show you something new and magical.

While magic might not exist in the real world (not that I know of). These pictures sure do feel like magic. The person who took these fantastic pictures is Jess Bell. I can certainly say that every dog’s personality comes through from the beautiful colours.

I recently organized some of my very talented dog-owning friends (and their exceptional pups of course) to participate in colored powder photo shoots in order to experiment with a new technique I wanted to try out. The results are bright, crisp and dynamic! These photos are turning heads all over the internet.

These crazy colors and dynamic swirls are captured in-camera in real time and on location. As a result, every single image is unique and highlights the amazing differences between how dogs of various breeds and body shapes move. The powder acts as a perfect action amplification device.

-Jess Bell

Source: Instagram | Facebook | jessbellphotography

#1 Gemma and Lyric.

#2 Rush.

#3 Slice.

#4 Tenacity.

#5 Lottie.

#6 Nyero.

#7 True.

#8 Style.

I had a great deal of fun deciding what color to use on what dog. I took into account each dog’s personality and appearance and chose a color that I thought would either contrast strongly or match closely with their fur.

To me, these photos highlight just how hard our dogs work for us when asked, and frequently for nothing more than the toss of a toy or a dried biscuit. The photos freeze these split-second moments in time and allow us to appreciate our pets as tremendous athletes as well as companions.

-Jess Bell

#9 Lottie.

#10 Lyric.

#11 Gnash.

#12 Cohen.

#13 Gemma.

What are your thoughts on these pictures? Which one of these is your favourite? Comment down below and let us know.

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