This Photographer Captured Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Mid-Air To Make Your Day Better

Humans come up with the weirdest ideas sometimes.

Julia Christe, a German photographer came up with the idea of capturing pictures of dogs in mid-air.

It’s both hilarious and adorable at the same time. All sorts of dog breeds were photographed, falling from their owner’s arms onto a soft mattress. So don’t worry, none of them were harmed. The height wasn’t much and a wind machine was used for better effects.

The photographer explained:

‘The dogs were dropped by their owners onto a mattress from as low a height as possible, and the impression of flight was enlarged by wind machines,

Not every dog is born to fly, but some had great talent and became proper shooting stars.Some breeds like greyhounds didn’t like it as they were afraid of being lifted, but other dogs such as the spaniel had a lot of fun.

Some of the dogs had so much fun, we were even able to repeat the jumps. The expression on their faces mostly reflects the surprise of the first flight, and in most cases the first jump provided the best pictures.’ 

However, not everyone was happy with her work.

People were worried about the well being of the dogs and contacted her, discussing their safety. She explained that the dogs rather enjoyed it and even demanded to jump repeatedly. She claimed that she herself is an animal lover and would never hurt them.

Julia with one of her dogs

‘I have various reactions to my pictures, from fascination and astonishment to fears from animal rights activists, 

But I really love animals, and so everything was safe, I would never take a chance on them getting hurt.

A great deal of technical effort went into creating the photographs, such as getting the light exactly right and being able to capture the rapid movement of the dogs’ coats.

I feel the photographs show off both the grace and elegance of the dogs, which makes them appear in a slightly different way than usual.’ 

Here is some of her work:

#1 Such a fabulous fall.


#2 Doge.


#3 This little guy looks like he’s having fun.


#4 Posing mid-air!


#5 Look at this glorious bearded collie.


#6 And this fabulous Dachshund.


#7 Here is the bearded collie preparing for flight.


#8 This one can star in a Loreal ad.

#9 This Chinese crested dog looks rather surprised.


#10 Beagle


#11 This Griffon Nivernais is posing.


#12 English setter.


#13 EARS.


#14 “I’ll get back at you.”


#15 This is my favourite.


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