10+ Petty People Who Will Put The Pettiest People To Shame

Some people are pros at throwing shade.

Contrary to what many think, throwing shade is not always rude. I mean, sometimes it is necessary, and I applaud these people for being incredibly petty. While you may not be up for getting your hands dirty, these people indeed are.

All jokes aside, these tweets will surely make you feel like a much better person because who has the time to stir up drama these days? (Except Youtubers, of course!) So scroll on below and take a look at some the pettiest people you have ever seen.

#1 Her paint skills are on point though.

#2 That is not a bad grade, to be honest.

#3 Practice until you perfect it, right?

#4 Okay, it’s not right to throw shade at family members.

#5 Well, it’s clear that she is dead to him.

#6 I especially love the big hearts.


#7 Wow, that is seriously creative.

#8 They are going to be pissed!


#9 Probably the other lady’s fault.

#10 Choose the dark side.


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