Man Just Proved How You Can Be Petty And Nice At The Same Time By Turning Down This Rude Guy

Sometimes, being nice really does pay off.

You can’t always have your way, you have to be mature enough to accept that. Being polite can get you to places. There is already a lot of hatred and malice in the world. Be nice to one another and you’ll have good karma coming your way.

A similar thing happened to Reddit user gjrunner5.

He went to a yard sale with his mother, and things turned out unexpected for them.

He took his disabled mother to a neighbourhood yard sale.

There they found a dryer being sold for $150.

The dryer was completely unused and new.

This is what the dryer looked like.

Image credits: Joel Kramer

They witnessed a man being rude and bargaining with the seller at an unreasonable price.

Then his mother decided to check out the dryer because they really needed one.

The seller sold the dryer to his mother solely because she was nice to him.

Even when the rude guy raised his bid, the seller refused to sell it to him.

He even refused to take their money!

This story inspired other users to share their stories too.

Being nice really did pay up.

Do you have any such experiences? Share with us in the comments below!

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