Pets With Human Names Are The Best Thing You’ll Ever See

Pets with human names are becoming the new norm.

After all, what else are you supposed to name your adorable pet? And to be honest, nothing is funnier than hearing a human name, expecting a guy, but instead seeing a fluffy doggo running towards you.

That is exactly what happened with one Twitter user. When she heard someone call out Brian, she thought it would be a guy, but instead, she saw a dog. Now that is a surprise I would like. Probably the reason she asked other Twitter users to tell what they name their own pets.

So scroll on below and take a look at what many people named their pets. All I can say is, I know what I am going to name my cat when I get one.

Source: Twitter

Who wouldn’t love this surprise?

Oh, Mr Darcy now?

To be completely honest, he does look like a Ralph.

Love the dog in the funny hat.

I would love to meet Michael.

I’m assuming he meant to say dog.

Darn it; I can’t even find a bottle with my name.

Frank sure is a happy boi.

It seems Frank is a popular name for pets.

Charles looks quite dashing with that flower.

Who needs a bed when you got a bag to squish?

Hello Kristy!

I’m actually more interested in what the stone beneath her is saying.

Katie looks quite hungry.

Wait, Shug is a human name? You learn something new every day.

Does your pet have a human name too or do you think it is a bit too weird? Comment down below and let us know.

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