These Pets Found Their Forever Home In 2018 & They Are More Than Just Grateful On This Thanksgiving

In life, we’re all thankful for different things in different ways.

And as this year’s Thanksgiving day was just a couple of days ago, we bring you something special. We are presenting you a list of pets from a Shelter who were up for adoption earlier this year but now have found their permanent home.

The following photographs of pets were taken by their owners soon after they were adopted and by the looks on their face you can easily tell how happy and thankful they are.

Scroll on below and take a look!


“Gave him a forever home yesterday and thought he hated me since he didn’t even look at me. Woke up to him next to me like this.”

“Brazilian monk adopted a dog and made him one of their own”

“I didn’t want to get another dog, but my fiance did. So we compromised and adopted 3/4 of a dog.”

“Adopted puppy, fell asleep in my hand on the ride home.”

“I adopted this guy a few days ago. Day 1, he hid under the couch the whole time. Day 2… I think he’s good to go.”

“GF and I adopted this dude from the shelter yesterday. He follows her everywhere and does this when she sits down.”

“This is Severus. Adopted 7 hours ago. Already feeling at home.”

“This is how she wanted to ride home after we adopted her”

“Just adopted this sweet little girl and she’s already purring up a storm.”

“M 88-year-old father adopted this 6-year-old beagle. Can you tell how happy he is?”

“I adopted this dreamy lady two months ago, and I love her to pieces.”

“I adopted a Great Dane today. I think it’s going well.”

“Before and after of our sweet doggo we adopted today! His name is Ozzie :)”

“They told me when I adopted that she was a snuggler. I told them I am too!”

“Got this little guy yesterday.”

“We rescued Dixie a little over a month ago. That smile says it all.”

“Adopted this morning, and he already claimed his spot!”

“We adopted a senior, meet Thunder!”

“Joe Biden and his newly adopted little buddy.”

“After years of renting apartments without enough space for a dog, I finally saved enough to mortgage a house with a yard and adopted this sweet girl.”

“For the 4th, we adopted our 4th! Meet Aspen!”

“He was purring the entire ride home.”

“Our dog’s first night in her new home after we adopted her”

“Girlfriend and I adopted a puppy; he fell asleep on the table first day out on the town.”

“My dad adopted a shelter doggo about four months ago that had been adopted and returned three times. I think it’s safe to say she’s found her forever home this time…”

“We just adopted new family member; the breeders said she was ‘imperfect’ because of her tongue. She is the sweetest girl.”

“Adopted yesterday. I think he might like me.”

Shelter Dog after finding out he’s being adopted!

“Adopted a doggo and I’ve never loved anything more than him.”

And in no time the shelter was all empty!

Isn’t this amazing or what? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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