Guy’s Thread About His Neighbour’s Pets Breaking Into His House Will Make Your Day

There’s a first time for everything

Though it might not necessarily be the first time it has happened; but it’s definitely the first time someone has live-tweeted such a hilarious and cute encounter where two dogs and a cat entered a man’s apartment and then refused to leave! I mean, it’s not every day you hear a knock on your door in the dead of night only to find a couple of adorable pets panting, wagging their tails and looking at you in the eyes with innocence. But guess what? That’s precisely what happened with @jpbrammer some days ago.

JP Brammer was peacefully sitting in his apartment completing minding his own business when suddenly there was a “knock” at the door. Luckily for us, he quickly managed to tweet everything just as it was happening!

So, let’s take a look at this entertaining tweet which quickly went viral overnight. Enjoy!

*Opens the door*

That’s one sneaky cat, I tell you!

Somehow he managed to get the dogs out of his apartment, however, as for the cat? He wasn’t so lucky…

Oh my god…”Yeah, this cat is settling the f*ck in help.”

Okay, this is just scary…

Considering what just happened, I think this is a much better idea. (I hope)

As it appears, it was of no use either.

He even tried asking them nicely when nothing worked.

“Everyone’s on your side. All of Twitter is on you and your friends’ side,” he told the cat.

In the end, he decided to play along.

Just look at the mastermind. The cat is so content with the decisions it made.

Finally, with some help, he was able to get all the pets in the same place.

And it was about time the owners returned!

As it appears, people had a lot to say.

Everyone totally LOVED this thread!

This is the best thread of 2019 for sure!

According to Twitterati, the cat was the master tactician and had everything planned beforehand.

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