PETA Asked People To Not To Use “Anti-Animal” Phrases, Gets Roasted By The Whole Internet

PETA is at it again.

To be honest, their stupid actions don’t even surprise me anymore. I have this theory that maybe PETA is secretely an organization which actually hates animals and is spreading hate towards all vegetarians and vegans.

Because I can’t think of any other reason why they keep doing this. What did they do this time, you ask? Well, they compared innocent phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ that we use everyday to racism. Yes, they actually did that.

And no, I can’t believe it either. But scroll on below and you’ll see it for yourself. They are instead urging people to use alternatives.

Does PETA really want everyone to hate them this much?

Via peta

As you can imagine, most people found this hilarious, which is understandable.

Via Nicole_Cliffe

Wait, Do birds even eat scones?

Via juliareinstein

To be honest, I really like bring home the bagels, Because who doesn’t like bagels?

Via catmsilverman

This wins everything!!!



Via jrhennessy

Atleast all of these rhyme.

Via SkyWilliams

Maybe PETA doesn’t understand racism.

Via ira

Advocating for animals is not a bad thing but be reasonable.

Via joeygall

How can someone be so stupid?

Via AnthonyMKreis

Nah, you are reading it perfectly right.

Via NoemiRodriguez_

PETA always knows what to say.

Via DisturbedCorpse

Love this tweet.

Via JoshDeFamio

I’d love to see this argument.

Via Cassiesmyth


Via Worldwide_pheno

That is exactly what I said!

Via CelesteGrace5

Maybe that is what they are saying.

Via J_Phillips31

I don’t even eat bacon and I use these phrases too.

Via Cheryl_NN16

Yup, they are.

Via MeleeBroHD

Because the horse wouldn’t know what to do.

Via filbo_baggins

I can relate.

Via sasksasquatch

Why would they do something that actually matters?

Via jerzeysillest

Plants have feelings too afterall!

Via Daddy_Luke5

PETA obviously knows what they are talking about.

Via MoodyMoot

PETA gives them a bad name.

That is quite true.

We see what you did there.

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