This Guy hilariously Roasts PETA On Twitter and People are Realising The Painful Truth

Back in 1980, PETA was and still is, a prominent force in the world of animal cruelty

However, despite being a “pro animal” organisation, PETA has euthanised over 97% of all the animals put under their care. A press release by the Center for Consumer Freedom in March 2017 proved that in 2016 alone and Norfolk, Virginia alone, they killed over 1400 cats and dogs. They defended their actions by saying it was economically and ethically necessary, but that’s only because they’d rather offend and instigate people than save lives.

Hell, they even tried to ask people about eating bacon which backfired hilariously.

YouTube vlogger from the UK, Callum McSwiggan who vlogs about LGBT rights, mental health, and social issues had enough of them.

He took to Twitter to unload a scathing thread that absolutely demolished PETA

They have better things to spend their money on than saving animal lives.

And if they can’t have money, apparently, neither can anyone else.

PETA stands for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” and they do nothing of the sort.

Their entire media presence is filled with gore, misleading shock, and scantily clad women.

The thread went viral, and people praised him for sounding the truth.

As you can see, McSwiggin is an absolute animal lover himself.

Countless stories of people sharing their own ugly truths have come forth.

There are also some that defended PETA anyway


But that’s not all

There’s even an infographic explaining more about PETA, it’s ethics, and it’s flip-flop morality.

I love animals. But PETA is not the one you should give your support to. All of these facts have heavy documentation. You can find the original infographic here, with sources.

There’s even a website called www.petakillsanimals.com and it’s loaded with evidence that PETA is an anti-animal organisation, not a pro-animal one.

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