This Guy hilariously Roasts PETA On Twitter and People are Realising The Painful Truth

Back in 1980, PETA was and still is, a prominent force in the world of animal cruelty

However, despite being a “pro animal” organisation, PETA has euthanised over 97% of all the animals put under their care. A press release by the Center for Consumer Freedom in March 2017 proved that in 2016 alone and Norfolk, Virginia alone, they killed over 1400 cats and dogs. They defended their actions by saying it was economically and ethically necessary, but that’s only because they’d rather offend and instigate people than save lives.

Hell, they even tried to ask people about eating bacon which backfired hilariously.

YouTube vlogger from the UK, Callum McSwiggan who vlogs about LGBT rights, mental health, and social issues had enough of them.

He took to Twitter to unload a scathing thread that absolutely demolished PETA

They have better things to spend their money on than saving animal lives.

And if they can’t have money, apparently, neither can anyone else.

PETA stands for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” and they do nothing of the sort.

Their entire media presence is filled with gore, misleading shock, and scantily clad women.

The thread went viral, and people praised him for sounding the truth.

As you can see, McSwiggin is an absolute animal lover himself.

Countless stories of people sharing their own ugly truths have come forth.

There are also some that defended PETA anyway


But that’s not all

There’s even an infographic explaining more about PETA, it’s ethics, and it’s flip-flop morality.

I love animals. But PETA is not the one you should give your support to. All of these facts have heavy documentation. You can find the original infographic here, with sources.

There’s even a website called and it’s loaded with evidence that PETA is an anti-animal organisation, not a pro-animal one.


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  1. Yeah we should all believe what some youtuber says? These statistics are nearly ten years old, and even then having animals put down is PETA cleaning up the mess made by the general public, it is not there responsibility to look after and feed your pet- don’t be an asshole owner, dont throw your pets onto the street. Yeah it seems to me like they could defo use a bit of help managing the budget, but when people would rather go to a breeder for a specific type of dog or cat rather than adopting what are they to do?
    and moaning about the undercover videos? how else do you expect they uncover the abuse kept a secret to most people? if it offends your eyes donate money to help it stop!

      • Sorry, Fuqa Yu, but I’m sure I must have misunderstood your meaning there. You’re saying if someone was murdered in 2006, and the killer was found in 2017, you’d be fine with letting the killer go? It doesn’t matter when the animals were euthanized, or I should say, murdered.

    • Are you fucking trolling me are you actually saying these stupid things?

      Re-read what you put you fucking bland un-garnished soup. You have just actively admitted is that people shouldn’t have pets if you can’t look after them, because if you can’t then they deserve to die”.

      Like what kinda logic is that?!

      Thousands and thousands of innocent animals were without good homes and COULD HAVE had good homes if PETA actually give any sort of a fuck about the animals, left the gaming industry alone, which by the way has fuck all to do with people killing animals. I don’t play Mario and instinctively think…

      “You know, I think I might kick a fucking turtle today!”.

      IF they put their money in the right places, aka more places to house them, more people to help look after them and find them homes and spent less time complaining and sending out hateful, almost spiteful retorts and acted with dignity like smaller unknown animal adoption centres have been actively doing for years and haven’t seen an ounce of gratitude for genuinely caring, then they would actually have a chance at being respected as a company. Right now all they are doing is damaging themselves and guilt tripping people into buying into it.

      Why anyone would defend this atrocity is beyond me.

      If you can’t look after what you’re trying to protect in the first place, then why bother taking on such a great task? Start small. Don’t take thousands in and bite the head off the ones you can’t look after. They’re no worse than those who abandon their pets right now, if not worse!

      But hey! At least when they do get abandoned then PETA will always be right there to kill them faster and give them no chance at a happy loving family or life. How very nice of them.


    • I think that was the point of the article, people who are donating to the organization to stop the abuse feels like the organization isn’t using that money to do what they say they are going to do. Which is, stop the abuse. Instead, they are spending most of their money on marketing ads to get more donors and to convert whatever their supposed mission is.

      At one point I did feel like PETA did what they set out to do, by exposing many industries. But rich greedy people generally taint the good, and its unfortunate for something that once had a great vision, lost its way and is now part of that harm.

    • 1. Ten years or two years ago, this is an organization who has claimed to stand up for animal rights and a 97% kill rate is unacceptable.
      2. *their
      3. PETA made it their responsibility by taking money with the promise of rescuing abused animals. You can’t just say you’re going to do something, collect resources to do it, then say “Oh, I wasn’t responsible in the first place so fuck it”
      4. “Don’t be an asshole owner” Great job, man, you fixed the whole damn world. PETA should use some of the money it receives to promote proper pet care or warn people of the dangers of over-eating things like bacon and provide healthier alternatives.
      5. Those videos aren’t the proper way to raise awareness. And sometimes abuse isn’t a secret, bucko.
      6. So you’re saying that just because it doesn’t look pretty, i should pay money to make it go away? That’s not the way to stop animal abuse, Ashley.
      7. You’re an idiot for defending something so obviously cruel.

  2. That’s to say nothing of their targeting of other people’s pets. They were sued only a year or so back for kidnapping a child’s dog in order to euthanise it. They believe it’s better for animals to dit than be kept as pets.

  3. Your Point #2 in the infographic calculates the kill rate incorrectly (low, in PETA’s undeserved favor). 8 divided by 2366 equals 0.33%, or roughly a 99.7% kill rate, not 97%.

    • I was gonna point that out, too, but then I realized that there are 57 animals that were neither killed nor adopted (2366-2301-8=57). So it’s actually 97.3% killed, 0.3% adopted, and 2.4% other.

  4. PETA is a sick pervert cult. The cult leader is lunatic woman that is mentally unstable tyrant. Do a google search on EX PETA employees. She run the place like mini Hitler. Slaughtering loving dogs and cats for fun. I mean you have to be seriously stupid to be a member of this evil cult.

  5. Fine, but opposing to giving birth (not by abortion, mind that!) does not mean being a worthless bastard, murderer, etc. I oppose to giving birth and killed 0% of my animals 😛 please kindly leave women private choices out of such debates, ok?

  6. Have you noticed that PETA will harass little old ladies with fur coats and leather purses, but, not a motorcycle gang wearing leather jackets? Courage of the true believer.

  7. Remember when they equated drinking cow’s milk with autism? They lost any support my autistic son had for them that day.

  8. SOUP- younwanna take the human mentality back into the dark ages ?

    Instead of saying ppl need to improve u are saying a cleaning-the-shit-ppl-cause solution is better, so we can keep the sheep bloody sedated ignorance continuing and asholes like you to support it ?

    • Yea, they are exactly the same. I remember dropping my 8 year old off at Planned Parenthood for 30 minutes. Totally meant to come back and get him but they aborted him before I could. They said he was unadoptable.

  9. “Back in 1980, PETA was and still is, a prominent force in the world of animal cruelty”. Anyone else find this sentence odd? You could just write “Peta has been a prominent force in the world of animal cruelty since the 1980’s”.

  10. Peta is ridiculous. I’ve known about a lot of these things for years. They show so many videos and photographs of animals being hurt or killed it makes you wonder if they actually feel anything for them. If someone you loved was killed, would you post gory pictures of their bodies on the internet?

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