10+ Illustrations That Accurately Depicts Why Periods Are Literally A Pain In The Ass

Periods are a pain in the ass – there is no doubt about it.

If you were born a female, congratulations! You’ve been subscribed to years of pain, blood, and agony. Such a fun experience, isn’t it?

I mean, I love waking up feeling like my appendix is about to blow. Artist Daisy Bernard¬†expresses our pain perfectly through her illustrations. So if you’re a woman, you’ll definitely relate to these illustrations.

Source: Instagram.

Scroll down below to see them:

#1 We all have those “period panties.”

#2 When you’re just bloated, but you want to pretend you’re pregnant.

#3 Google searches.

#4 When you sneeze on your period.

#5 When there is blood everywhere but not on your pad.

#6 Cramps.

#7 Period paranoia pt. 1

#8 Surprise, surprise!

#9 RUN.

#10 Blood or sweat? We’ll never know.

#11 Pads? What are those?

#12 Hey, can you check for a second?

#13 Period paranoia pt. 2

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