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Man Gets Destroyed After He Compares Period Pain With Scraped Knee Pain

Man Gets Destroyed After He Compares Period Pain With Scraped Knee Pain

I really hope this guy is being sarcastic.

Because if not I choose not to believe that the world has become this stupid. But whatever the reason there is people are not taking it well. To be fair, he did compare period pain to a scraped knee and that women should stop complaining because they haven’t experienced that.

He is aware that women play sports too, right? And let’s be honest, a scraped knee is nothing. I’ve had many scraped knees, and I never realised it until I looked at the knee and saw blood on it. (Yes, that happened to me). But sure go ahead and compare an organs lining falling out to a skin wound.

Source: Twitter

Here is the intelligent man that started this ‘discussion’.

And this is what he had to say in his tweet.

As you can imagine, people were not happy about this.

I agree, and I don’t even get ‘bad’ cramps.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that though.

Wow, quite a history!

Even though the scraped knee is of a woman.

But they can’t.

She is right.

And she did rectify that in another tweet.

‘Mild’ indeed.

I don’t think I want children anymore.


Sure, whatever.

So just be respectful, yeah?

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Put ointment on it?

Very very wrong.

Can’t dispute Sherlock Holmes.

Even cards against humanity know what’s up.

Rachel knows it.

Maybe it will.

And so many women do it at the same time!

Wouldn’t be surprised.

I used to take leaves from school and my job just for periods.

Maybe he doesn’t?

So we are using the same logic as him, eh?

Apparently, he was not aware of that.

Do you think this guy is trolling, being sarcastic or does he really think it is true? Comment down below and let us know.

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