10+ Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

The perfect timing can make or break a photo.

And that is probably true for the following photos. These might be the best kind of coincidences we have ever seen. So that is precisely why we have brought some of the best perfectly timed images for your enjoyment.

These might just make you want to get into photography a bit more. Because you never know when you will get to take a picture of the perfect moment. So are you ready for some amazing pictures?

We assure you that they are not photoshopped. (At least I think they aren’t.)

#1 This is pretty accurate.

Via Ricardo Cuba Zavala

#2 He was probably more hungry.

Via sophielola_

#3 The human centipede?

Via Czarvana

#4 Whoops.

Via TrailTrumpet

#5 The perfect pussy picture.

Via jellyd0nut

#6 The fluffy flying flufferson.

#7 Sand boobs for the win!

#8 Batgirl knows whats up.

Via RIPMyInnocence

#9 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes.


#10 The falling man.

Via opi8

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