Guy Plots Perfect Revenge For Asshole Who Always Steal His Parking Space

Nothing is sweeter than revenge.

Yes, I am aware that many people seem to think forgiveness is sweeter but I disagree. Being vindictive is always more fun, and that is pretty clear by the following story. Now we all know finding a parking space is pretty hard.

But the most annoying part is when you have finally found a space, but somebody else steals that spot right in front of your eyes. One person knows what I am talking about. You see an ‘unknown visitor’ would steal his parking space each and every day.

The owner of this allotted space tried to contact the thief by leaving messages, but he got no response, so he devised a plan.

Read the story in his own words.

It started out simple enough.

But he then got a response.

So it was clear that he had to do something drastic.

And that is where it got interesting.

He truly did deserve it.

And you indeed got your sweet revenge.

He clearly was an idiot.

Do you think the parking spot thief deserved this punishment for what he did? Or did the parking spot owner take it a tiny bit too far? Comment on below and let us know!

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