10+ Memes That Are Probably Funnier To People Who Have Vaginas

Doesn’t matter how much you know about different things, there will always be things that only specific people can truly relate to. To be more precise we are talking about the girls and their thoughts. So it’s pretty obvious that guys can’t relate to these things much. I mean, sure they understand, but do they feel it? Probably not.

So here are some of the funniest and most hilarious jokes that have been cracked by people having vaginas. You don’t necessarily need to have a vagina to laugh at these tho. But it sure would be nice if you did.

#1 Damn, that’s deep!
#2 I’m sure barbers would love to do that!

#3 Interesting.

#4 Damn, she probably hasn’t met the real dudes then.

#5 It sure looks like it.

#6 I see.

#7 That would offend some people.

#8 Haha, right to the point.

#9 Ew, that’s gross.

#10 I’m sure, guys can relate.

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