10+ People Who Got Brutally Dumped And We Have To Lay Them Down In Peace

Oscar Wilde once said that hearts are made to be broken. But, this poetic insight doesn’t really help ease the pain. No matter what the consequences are, it’s impossible for someone not to get hurt after a breakup. Breakups really, really suck! No matter which one of you ended things, the pain of calling it quits is devastating. Especially when you’ve invested so much of your time and emotions. From tribesman to Wall Street moguls, they’ll all tell you the same thing – that breakups suck! Love may feel like the greatest thing in the world, but when it ends, challenges feel insurmountable, and we stop functioning at our full capacity. And we sometimes feel like we won’t ever love again. The rest is just a myriad of things that will make you feel like utter crap.

Jimmy Fallon’s hashtags always end up generating some hilarious tweets. However, this time around he asked people to share how they got dumped.

Here’s Jimmy Fallon’s original tweet:

Jimmy Fallon

1. This is just sad.

2. Here’s how it’s rightfully done.


3. What could be worse than this?

4. They’ve got history.


5. Mother of the century.



6. This is the longest it went.

7. Meant to be together.

8. This is cold but brilliant!


9. How I met your father.

10. People can be cruel.

11. Reasonable enough.

12. That’s how it all went down.

13. He couldn’t roll with her anymore.

14. “Sad but true.”





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