10+ People On Social Media Who Fucked Up So Bad That It Will Make You Want To Deactivate Your Account

Social media tragedies follow you to your deathbed.

Ever had an incident on Facebook or Instagram where you just felt like dying with regret and embarrassment? Or worse you had to deactivate your account with all those hundreds of friends and followers. It’s honestly the most crucial thing to do.

These 18 people fucked up so bad that there is no return from the horrible mistakes they made. These will surely make you wince before they make you chuckle.

1. This stalking went completely wrong.

“I don’t know if anyone remembers Ask.fm (a site where you would anonymously ask people questions), but I used to stalk my crush on it mercilessly. It was connected to Facebook, and one time I was stalking him and accidentally shared his Ask.fm profile to my Facebook page without realising. Took about half an hour for my friends to start messaging me asking why I’d done it.”


2. There’s no coming back from this. Ever.

“I’m part of a uni course Facebook group chat and about a year ago we were in a lecture, and this group of people were being loud and annoying. Anyway i bitched about it to my mates on our group message, but sent the message to the course message group. Everyone part of it (like 300 students) all got a notification of my message saying something along the lines of ‘yeah i think that girls name’s Carly.’ Safe to say she wasn’t happy being talked about.”


3. She must have had nightmares after this incident.

“When you accidentally post your boyfriend’s dick pic on Facebook. I was uploading a ton of pictures and my computer froze so I went to bed, thinking it got cancelled. Woke up to find out ALL my pics had uploaded. Yup, even those ones!!”


4. This would have been almost impossible to recover from.

“My cousin and I were on a holiday and ended up meeting this guy that she really hit it off with. They spent all weekend hanging out and things were looking good. Being the protective older cousin I decided to do a good old fashioned Facebook search on this guy to see what I could find, turns out he was married AND had a child! The worst part is that when I was creeping his engagement announcement I accidentally shared it to my timeline! Talk about awkward.”


5. Such an awfully regrettable choice.

“When I was in high school, a lot of my friends used Ask.fm and I wanted to join in on the fun. Since the site was anonymous, I felt gutsy and messaged a random guy that I had choir with, saying ‘did you know you’re really cute?’ To my horror, it turns out I had somehow unselected the anonymous feature so he knew it was me.”

– beccat4be38db53

6. I’m not sure what was higher; the humidity from the shower or the humiliation.

“I took pictures in the shower to send to my (now ex) boyfriend, accidentally hit the ‘add to story’ button, then my phone shut down because the humidity from the shower was too much for it.”


7. I’m sure he would have been pretty excited to see that comment.

“One time I was going to a choir festival, and I saw a post about it with my friend and this random dude who were both going, so thinking it was my friend that I hadn’t seen in months, I commented “I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to see you!!” but it was not my friend’s post that I commented on. IT WAS THE DUDE THAT I HAD NEVER EVEN TALKED TO.”


8. Are you sure it was by accident?

“It wasn’t me, but a friend I’d know since I was a kid accidentally uploaded about 10 pictures of his dick, all at different angles and measuring it to a deodorant can.”


9. Well, we all are laughing pretty hard right now.

“Y’all. This didn’t happen to me, but to my aunt. The text says it all. It took a team of people to log into her account and delete the comment. Not funny, but oh man, I laughed about this for dayyyys!!!”



10. What an unfortunate loss.

“Once I accidentally posted a nude on Instagram! I didn’t know what to do, so i just deleted my account, with over 2000 followers!”


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