People Were Mad At Campbell’s Soup Because Of Their Gay Friendly Ad And Campbell’s Had The Best Response Ever

You’ve all probably seen Campbell Soup’s recent ad.

It’s a Starwars themed advertisement featuring an adorable child and his gay fathers. Since it’s Pride month, it is also a great opportunity for companies to show their support to the LGBT community, and gain customers alongside!

If you haven’t seen the ad already, here it is:

However, not everyone was happy with the ad.

Campbell’s Facebook page received a lot of hate for the ad. Obviously, it was just a bunch of sad homophobic losers sitting behind screens. But the response they received was well deserved and pretty savage!

Check them out:


#1 “Homosexual agenda”? Oh, get a life!

#2 They don’t need customers like you anyway.


#3 YOUR Christian beliefs, not everyone else’s.


#4 Homosex? It’s an ad with a child in it.


#5 Get out of the stone ages, man.


Campbell’s, we’re proud of you!

Editor’s note: Campbells ForHelp is not a representative or member of Campbell’s Kitchens. It was most likely made by a third party to get a rise out of the commentors. There is no affiliation between Campbell’s Kitchens and Campbells ForHelp. We apologise for the confusion. 


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  1. I do not eat campbells as I make all my food from scratch with no salt. I would rather hve 2 DADS that love me than a broken down, ALCOHOLIC emotionally ABUSE MOMMY that did whatever she need to do to get her fix, not feed us,get her fix than anything else. You self righteous christians judge them and have no room in your heart for love… And while we are the subject of love and men is,I saw crown of 12 men and a quarterback walking down the road,not they were not playing football, or hearding sheep ; it would look pretty fishy to me

    • better to have two of a kind that love each OTHER Than one of each KILLING each other….. and the word divorce was not part of the deal ….

      marriage is a joining together of two hearts that LOVE and respect each other… and two of a kind are just as capable of this AS THE traditional marriage…. the word marriage has been manipulated by church and state far too long…. and the magic requirements… LOVE AND RESPECT are lost in translation…..
      i would sooner belong to same SEX parents that are loving and caring that a normal marriage full of hate And ABUSE ………..

  2. So if someone doesnt believe what you believe, then they are “just a bunch of sad homophobic losers sitting behind screens.”

    The author is just as bad as the homophobic people she is writing about…..worse actually because she’s also a hypocrite.

    • How is it hypocritical? By definition:
      adjective: homophobic

      having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.
      “homophobic remarks”

      So the term applies to the people pictured in this post. Furthermore, if they are posting on the internet, then they are indeed “sitting behind screens”. And finally, while the words “sad” and “losers” may, in your mind, be inappropriate for some reason, being so focused on the sex lives of others (when it has literally zero impact on you personally), in addition to behaving as though sexual acts are being performed in a commercial with two men and a child eating soup and making Star Wars noises……..well, that makes a person, in the opinions of many, sad and a loser.

      To summarize, Diablo: If the shoe fits, feel free to lace that bitch up and wear it.

    • Fun thing about freedom of speech.

      Homophobes have the right to say mean things about gays.

      The rest of us have the right to call them out on their stupid.

      • Actually, homophobes don’t have the right to say mean things about gays, nor does anyone have the right to say mean things to anyone. Some forms of “Freedom of Speech” fall under the category of Verbal assault, whereas if mean enough or stating intention of harm, could result in a legal charge.

        • This is not true (thank goodness), at least in the US. The First Amendment allows you to say mean thing. Now, if they’re untrue, you can be sued, or if they’re a direct incitement to imminent violence then you can be prosecuted, but just for saying mean things? Nope, no charges can be leveled.

          I say thank goodness, because back when I was writing for marriage equality, I was able to be frank (which sometimes meant being mean) about homophobic bigots who opposed our rights for ridiculous and irrational reasons.

    • No, really she is *just* as bad. Because the people she writes about are judging gay people simply for accepting the way they were born and daring to find love and start a family like the rest of us. And the author is judging them for being bigoted assholes who not only condemn people for something they have no control over, but make that condemnation take the form of bitter tirades against wholesome families. She also seems to judge people who see parenting and anal sex as the same thing.

      It’s really the JUDGING that’s at issue here, right? It can’t be that we are indeed allowed to have values, and to make judgments and have opinions based on those values? Once you decide that it’s any judgment at all that is plain wrong, that frees you from having to examine the actual content of their beliefs. Heck, now we’re free to attack any group, to behave as reprehensibly as possible, and we can never be called out on it. Because that would be so hypocritical you know.

      • The response is, “Don’t judge.” They’re just doing it in a humorous way. They’re responding that way not because they just call them that based upon an assumption, but in direct response to what they had said.

    • Yours is the name of the Beast (in Spanish, I think) so I think you’re Satan trying to fool me.

      Are you?

      Satan, that is (not, “are you trying to fool me.” But, if you are, trying to fool me, are you?)

  3. So if you have a different opinion than that of the “author”, then you are part of “a bunch of sad homophobic losers sitting behind screens”. Really? Such lazy writing. The author is just as bad is the people she is writing about. Worse actually because she’s also a hypocrite.

    • Homophobes actually don’t deserve respect. The poisoning of communities that homophobic biggots engage in deserve scorn and derision, along with racists, pedophiles, thieves, conmen, rapists and so on. Some people are garbage.

    • Diablo Ramierez, there is no rational reasons to be against same-gender marriage. So, if someone is against it, it has to be due to an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuality. Ergo it has to be due to homophobia. Marriage has changed over time and can be different in different regions of the planet. Some places allow a man to have multiple wives or even temporary wives. Some places allow men to have child wives. Now in some places they allow people of the same gender to get married. Some people use to marry for money or political power and now some people marry for love.

      • Except the 14th amendment in our US Constitution which deals with due process under the law. If a man and a woman are given the right to marry, then by due process a man and a man and a woman and a woman have the right to marry. It is the law.

    • Fun thing about freedom of speech.

      Homophobes have the right to say mean things about gays.

      The rest of us have the right to call them out on their stupid.

  4. These responses are great (and work, if you are a huge corp such as Campbell’s). Most often, it’s best not to engage the trolls; however, one of the things that stuck me is there seems to be a direct correlation between their inability to communicate their hate – with horrible spelling, grammar and punctuation – and the hate itself.

    • Funny…I was thinking the same exact thing! Usually, under-educated people are afraid of change and things they cannot understand…loop back to poor education!

  5. Hilarious reponses, but Campbell’s had nothing to do with them. Wisely, they let them stay up on their page though 🙂

  6. Your next article should be “Giving Credit: Real Company Facebook Page or Someone Who Made An Account In 5 Minutes To Anti-Troll? We Can’t Tell! Should Be Obvious Though.”

  7. You aren’t going to eat Campbell’s Soup any more? GOOD! It’s so loaded with chemicals that even Russians won’t buy it (despite multiple attempts to market it there and other countries where people still know what food is supposed to taste like). Learn to cook.

  8. Awesome that Campbells ran that ad. The responses weren’t their real customer service but still funny and cool

  9. And you should read the article in it’s entirety, you would have seen this:

    Editor’s note: Campbells ForHelp is not a representative or member of Campbell’s Kitchens. It was most likely made by a third party to get a rise out of the commentors. There is no affiliation between Campbell’s Kitchens and Campbells ForHelp. We apologise for the confusion.

  10. How did these complainers deduce that this ad featured two gay men as a couple?
    Very easily could be the child’s father and an uncle or even older cousin to child, or father and just a family friend. People are so quick to judge others. They need to fix their own stuff before jumping to conclusions about an innocent ad for soup. Don’t like ad, change the channel and put your energy towards something more worthwhile.

    • Technically they might just both like the quote. They could also be the child’s father and stepfather, and maybe they get along enough to have moments like this. Maybe one of them is the sperm donor to an infertile couple and they bonded during the process.

      But it’s far more likely that they’re gay.

  11. Let people be the people they are. If any of you are offended, then avoid the product and/or ad, and move on. If you are mobile, be grateful. Quit complaining. Get a life.. Geez.

  12. OMG it’s an ad, and by the way I would much rather a child is brought up in a relationship with two loving parents (same sex) than in a mother and father fighting all the time which does more damage to a child than same sex parents. Good on Campbells, Thank God there are only a few homophobics in this 21st century so your business won’t suffer. FYI I come from a family of Mother and Father. As long as a couple make a loving family life no matter who, is fine and should be fine by all………..

  13. Great reply! We are living the new age where people do not have to hide who they are by the choices they make nor the color of their skin. Thank you!

  14. Gosh, does your headline writer read the article all the way to the end? This is all funny, but the responses are not coming from Campbell’s, as the editor’s note at the end clearly states.

  15. I absolutely loved this commercial. It is inclusive without being dis-tasteful (pun). It mentioned nothing political nor intimate regarding the actor’s in it. Just good playful fun. Intended for adults to understand a gentler perspective instead of being explicit or hateful! Everyone is allowed to have their opinions & their religious beliefs. But you have stood fast for a persecuted sect of our country & we are all supposed to be allowed freedoms! Not just White folks, since this country has NEVER been ALL WHITE! The Mexican’s resided all up & down the West Coast into Canada, before this was even part of the United States. Native Indian’s who traveled here from what is now known as Russia up through Alaska which was bought from Russia & settled here long before the English floated over here from England, Ireland or Scotland. There were the French & Spanish infiltrating the Southern Boarder such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana. There were towns set up in the bijou areas where the black folks fled when they broke free from chains of Plantation Owner’s & lived peacefully with the French! So anyone who thinks this was an all white country ever had a bubble built around them to think this way! They were taught brimstone fire & ice and not allowed to argue with the clergy be it Catholic or Protestant. But there is far more to enjoy about people & their differences that they bring to our Thanksgiving Tables. If you are not smart enough to embrace it that is your choice but you are the one left behind in the dark ages of ignorance. You are not allowed to foist your beliefs onto other who have the right to disagree but live in peace not harassed by the likes of ignorance. Thank you Campbell’s for being a great American company! You stood for what is right within our country’s laws!

  16. I could care less about who eats or makes the soup! I buy the cheaper store brand anyway,just as good. But I’d love some free soup! To all you homophobic people out there,get a life!!

  17. i cant find my comment or its 5 replies. wtf?
    Well, again this is a gross misinterpretation of christianity.
    It is SPECIFICALLY a sin to point out another man’s sins.
    So doing this makes you equal in Gods eyes to a practicing homosexual. Because youre actively sinning.
    Also all sin is the same, so why all this emphasis on homosexuals?
    Why not be obsessed with tattooed people or gluttonous people?
    Its overcompensation.
    Thats is the thing theyre fighting inside so they project it into the world and fight it there.

    Only a horrible person would use the religion card to crap all over people. Because thats what it is.

    To truly follow the Christian faith is to welcome homosexuals wholly into your lives as equals and not ALLOW them to but ACCEPT that they have the freedom to live however they choose.
    This is just mean people picking and choosing parts of their religion to justify crapping on people

    • If it was about faith these same people wouldn’t be eating cheeseburgers, shrimp, lobster, or wearing cotton/poly blends with wool or denim pants.

      Most christians will tell you that the law of moses (ie., leviticus) was overwritten when christ made the second covenant (which is personally my take on it as a christian myself). That’s why cheeseburgers are ok and we have all kinds of neat fabric options we’re allowed to use now. It’s also why gays aren’t automatically going to hell anymore.

  18. I’m about to go to the grocery store and stock the fuck out of my cupboards with some of that good ole gay soup! It’s Mmm, mmm, FABULOUS! Good for you, Campbells! You make me very proud to be from Napoleon, Ohio!

  19. Gotta roll my eyes at the 1 Corinthians one. Take a set of verses explaining why women ought to have a symbol of authority on their heads (declaring them the equal to men before God) to counter misinterpretations about women that people might have (but making it clear that this is a suggestion based on the cultural fashion of the day and not a requirement), snip out nothing but the misinterpretation, and use it as proof that “The Bible” has the opposite opinion about women as the one being presented in the passage.

    How far can we take this cherry-picking? Exodus 20:13? “Thou shalt… kill”?

    I had respect for Campbells doing the “You’re reading too much into this and not understanding the situation” responses, but then they decided to go do the same foolish thing as the people to whom they were responding.

  20. Proud to be a ©ampbell if we sell soup for winter meatballs for summer well it’s no longer cadburys crime egg for Easter it’s gunna have to be a
    ©ampbells creme leg, but due to what I read regarding Jessica and her comments ide be more than happy to send her a pic or a sample of my new invention for Easter I’m sure she’s gunna love it ?

  21. Dear Campbells please stay out of the debate about sexuality by not showing any men and women together with children. This has the obvious implication that they have been having all kinds of gratuitous intercourse, come on Campbells, you are supposed to be about food, not sex.

    • LMAO! Wow Liz, you better not take a family photo ever again, and burn all the ones you may already have! Out of all the stupid comments on here, yours has to take the cake!

  22. I wish that I now ate Campbelles soup, there are unfortunately things in it as in most processed foods I cant eat. That being said….. HUZZA to them for stepping into the world that is, and not sticking their heads in the sand like others. The real world is diverse and beautiful, and if you christians really freaking knew your bibles. The hate spewed here for something as wonderful as three humans sitting and eating soup astounds me. What happened to God is Love ….. makes me glad I walked away from that sad religion.

    Eat Soup

  23. Funny. But has it been verified? All I see on Campbell’s Kitchen’s Facebook page is recipes. Not that I expected to find the exchanges in the article, but I see no outside posts at all.

  24. I forgive Campbells for the lame Chewbacca impersonation. I don’t think an unaltered human voice can make the correct sounds anyway.

  25. It’s not most likely…it’s straight up a third party. The same guy went savage on people when Target announced they were fine with trans people using the bathroom they wanted to because they understand that trans people aren’t automatically pedophiles.

    That dude is a legend.

  26. Homosexuality should never, EVER be PROmoted. But leave it behind closed doors, I say, leave it alone. Ain’t hurting anyone. Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t promote.

    • Now that’s a good idea if there’s one!
      It would be even better too if we could do the same with heterosexuals! Don’t promote heterosexuality. Leave it out of tv & movies, put heterosexuality back in the closet where it belongs so it can’t hurt anyone. Children everywhere are being influenced by this message that heterosexuality is acceptable and it may influence them negatively!

      If you’re heterosexual either by choice or lifestyle, unless someone asks please keep it to yourself.

    • …Not only is it not being promoted, but that’s a moot point/ agenda to begin with given the fact that being sexual preference is not a choice. In other words, you could promote homosexuality all you want; You’re not turning anyone gay.

      The whole, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ thing is bull. What gives anyone the right to openly discuss their relationships over people who are queer?

    • Maybe you should stay behind closed doors. Idiotic response to the real world, fear of living people, inability to act like a normal human — sounds like a disease we should keep locked up. Go live in the Southeastern US where you belong.

  27. Pretty sure that isn’t actually Campbells replying, but one of these people that trolls homophobes and the like with an an account appearing to be related to a business.

  28. There are some real ignorant people in this world! If you’re going to base your ultimate final decision to not eat Cambells Soup because of an advertisement you’re as dumb as shit! You don’t like it? Mute it,change the channel, or turn your freaken tv off idiots! Obviously you never liked Cambells Soup to begin with if you’re going to stop eating it merely because of the advertisement! People ARE allowed to live as they want to & love who they want to! Stop being such judgemental a-holes! You can not like it but keep your rude comments to yourself! So very immature! Grow up & learn to love! Maybe you need to work on yourself first! Btw God loves all you bible thumping idiots!!

  29. I’m torn by this whole string. I understand the “moral majority” viewpoint, but they are being paranoid and ridiculous to the extreme, and not doing their cause any favors by being asshats. I also understand and agree with the idea that being raised by two loving parents is far superior to being raised by two individuals who are in the middle of a cold war (or worse) with each other.. but I’m not sure that same sex couples are immune to relationship difficulties??? WHAT REALLY BEFUDDLES ME, is that anything controversial is being made of this very clever and sweet spirited soup ad? (unless you’re a trekky, in which case I could certainly understand you being put out by the thoughtless exclusivity of the content).

  30. Pretty sure the guy responding isn’t from Campbell company. Which is why the responses aren’t from Campbell’s Kitchen and are from “Cambells For Help. Doesn’t make the response any less brilliant, however, it is simply someone trolling.

  31. Who gives a shit if there are two men feeding their child? Is that going to make the soup taste any different? Is that how you pick your foods, from add campaigns? You plebs are the problem.

  32. Oh, my money is on this not being the work of Campbells, but of my personal favorite troll. They used to run a page called Customer Service and I think their current page is called “I hope that helps”

  33. Yeah, Campbell’s soup for running such a great ad. A family is a family where there is kindness and love.

  34. The advert did not offend me in any way. I thought it was sweet. I am a 65 year old Grandmother with 13 grandchildren. They looked happy to me. That is what it’s all about. Some people have small minds. I will continue to buy your soup.. Great Job Boys??

  35. People were mad. In October 2015. When this ad came out. Why is this website trying to drum up clicks with old news like this? Was there nothing else Pride related to talk about?

  36. Good soup, great come backs, Campbells, to these small minded people. Is it possible to make a reduced sodium soup? I’d buy even more. Keep up the good work.

  37. What is this culture wars crap? It’s not war if only one side wants to fight. The conservatives think they have a right to tell everybody else how to live. The liberals and moderates are just trying to mind their own business.

  38. Okay, okay! I’ll start buying your soup by the case. I hadn’t seen this ad, but will be ever grateful to have seen it now & to see your perfect replies to everyone! Thank you!!

  39. Campbell’s ForHelp, who replies with the comments, is not officially Campbell’s soup. You should update your article to reflect that.

  40. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of the commercial (it feels too forced to be a real-life moment… I’m not opposed to having two dads in the video but them both emphasizing that they’re the father as the only lines of dialogue DOES reek of “we’re trying to make an equality statement” more than “these two guys and their kid just happen to like soup”) BUT the reactions are crazy. Kudos to whomever is running the campellshelp account…

  41. So… a commercial company is not only preaching something well beyond their industry – but taking the time to insult the potential/lost customers that disagree?

    That is ridiculous.

  42. We need more men raising children, not fewer! I am proud to be a father of 5 children (with the same mother). I am so pleased that they all fully support GLBTQ right. Up with love and down with hate.

  43. Thanks Campbell’s, I totally love you right now and am going to make sure that when I buy soup, I look for your label! Total hugs to your marketing department…keep up the good work!

  44. Oh and not a fan of tomato soup but please feel free to send me some SOUPER soup….hahahah!
    <3 <3 <3

  45. These comments ARE NOT coming from a third party.
    They are coming from the author of the article that has created a user named “Campbells forhelp”.
    The leave a comments box that starts each thread and resides on the person taking the screen captures computer clearly shows who ever took the screen shot also wrote the message.

  46. This isn’t the actual Campbell’s Corp responding, lmfao… You think a multinational food company is going to risk lawsuits in order to generate buzz by using this type of PR? You guys are literally a bunch of fools. This is simply a person who created an account using Campbell’s name and profile pic and went on an epic field day.

    Good on him. Bad on the gullible masses.

  47. I’m completely baffled as to why some people CARE SO MUCH about where other people stick their penises, who they kiss (and where) or what they do with their bodies in general. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest if people like to poop on each other or eat each other’s feces or apply colored creams or powders to their lips and faces or spend their Sunday mornings in a big hall singing stupid songs to a male doll being tortured and murdered on a cross or who restrict their diet to only eating fish on Fridays or starve themselves and their children every day for a month once a year or wear a little cap on their heads or (probably the most evil act of all) stuff their faces – and even feed their children – with dead minced up cow drenched in boiling fat, with curdled milk from some other cow tied to a teat-sucking machine and smothered in mooshed-up tomatoes and stodgy flour.

    • Think how silly it would sound if someone complained about a more typical ad: “A straight friend advert is necessary, why? Due to all the straight-hostile adverts?”

      That’s how silly you sound.

  48. Yes, this was a long time ago. A year? Two? Anyway, it was glorious troll Mike Melgaard. He offered the same help to assholes bitching about rainbow Doritos, and people having fits when Target decided children’s toys needn’t be marked “Girls” and “Boys.” One assumes Target believes their actual customers don’t *need* to have toys marked so. Buy kids what they like, maybe?

  49. Not that its anyone’s business if these men are straight or gay. No one walks up to a straight couple and says you are and abomination to the world. If people want to be gay that is there decision NOT YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE BUT THEIRS!!!!!! Also i believe they didn’t ask you just saying. There was NO sexual content in this AWESOME Campbells commercial so please stop with that crap.

  50. Like any smart marketer, Campbells keeps its eye on its target market and the changing demographics. There is a sufficient niche (Gay Community) for Campbells to advertise to, so that’s what they have done. It’s a business proposition. I do wish the narrow-minded bigots would not invoke their God and religion as though that justifies their prejudices.
    If Campbells discovered that 10 million dogs enjoyed their soup, they’d advertise to canine owners. Then, no doubt, the righteous would complain about people starving in Africa

  51. Love the commercial but what I love more are the responses to those brainless waste wads starting with that Jessie Hicks followed by all those who feel they have some sort of God given right to criticize others loves and life styles. I would never want these types in any of my circle of friends. They bare the worst disease known to man today… Prejudice and self centeredness and now they give it to their innocent children. they a sad examples of humanity and it’s race

    • Mike Yurko – You’ve hit the nail on the head. They do indeed feel EXACTLY that they have a “God given right” to do and say pretty much anything they choose. And no one else has the ‘right’ to call them on the hatred they spew. Interestingly enough, no matter what the subject at hand, their personal opinions always reflect exactly that opinion held by ‘”god and lord jesus”, even though that opinion may not agree with the views of another ‘christian’. The other person is obviously not a “true christian”.

  52. As a Christian and a Chaplain, I enjoy that commercial. The change it makes in my opinion of the company is positive.
    Sign me: Straight, but not Narrow.

  53. I love how many times the really “smart” people have to tell us that this isn’t Cambell’s writing. Why don’t you read the other comments and find out that your point has already been made SEVERAL TIMES. The assumption of some people that everyone else is stupid is really irritating.

  54. These aren’t from Campbell’s, they’re from a comedian named Ben Palmer. He has a fb page called Hope That Helps where he impersonates the customer service or PR team of various corporations, a few cities, and mega churches.

  55. You go Campbells! And all you “Christians” out there – GOD made us all and only GOD can judge if we’ve sinned.

  56. And who’s to say it’s a gay couple, and who cares if it is? Daddy’s and their brothers/best friends can have fun with kids at mealtime too!

  57. If this is for real- I am now GOING to be buying anything Campbell. Their support team is brilliant. Good for you. Somehow, it always seems to appear, that the people proselytizing Christianity, have nothing to do with it. They are neither kind, moral, forgiving or understanding. A bunch of hypocrites.

  58. Don’t worry Campbells; a lot of us will still support you and I doubt you will lose business because of a few horrible human beings.

  59. Jeez people! What if (seeing how some of you NEED a “Story”) the child’s Mommy is off to work or taking a nap with her new baby, and her ex-husband and her present husband both want to work on a great relationship with this lucky child?? He is so fortunate to have this unselfish give and take, sharing of time and care, wonderful relationship with team-oriented men! What would some kids give, to be cared-about in this way? You nay-sayers are ignorant of what real Love is all about. May you find redemption.

    • No, it’s actually the parents who poison their kids with processed foods. Campbell’s is just supplying products that meet a demand.

  60. “We apologise for the confusion,” you write at the end. If you were serious, you’d actually change the title of your article to stop perpetuating the confusion (that is getting people to click on it).

    P.S. You could also apologize for missspeling apologize.

  61. Kudos to Campbell’s, I have had your soup more than I can count, your response to the haters was bold and epic and makes me proud to have supported a company like this. Keep up the good work!

  62. Going out to stock my camper, stock my pantry, and buy some more for my parents….. way to go, Campbell’s!!!

  63. I’m gay and work in marketing and I don’t like the ad. They were drawing attention to the fact that they’re two dads, instead of just depicting two dads in a situation where there’s no acknowledgement that they’re not the typical American family. It feels much more like a strategic move on Campbell’s marketing team’s part to appeal to younger, more progressive, non-souping eating demographics. I’m sure the vast majority of soup sales come from older consumers.

  64. Personally, I have nothing wrong with the two fathers, or homosexuals in general. That being said. I don’t see the point in emphasizing that there is a homosexual couple eating soup. As someone stated before, you are selling food, not the LGBT agenda. As a kid, if I was watching this (yes even in today’s day and age) I would be confused. No there is nothing wrong with homosexuals in my opinion but as a growing kid (most likely by statistics with a mother and father) seeing two men taking care of a kid, I’m going to be confused. The whole war on the lgbt acceptance isn’t something that we need to be bringing young children into at this current stage, because it is still so hostile and controversial. Right now all people need to know is that you are selling soup. so I don’t see the point in emphasizing a commercial that “even homosexual families eats Campbells, even they like star wars” I’m sorry but nobody gives a flying fuck if homosexuals, straights, transgenders, blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, anyone eats campbells. Nobody gives a damn, so leave it out of your commercials, be impartial and focus on your product. I mean you saw some people’s reactions to this video, and even if they were obnoxious and completely out of line, it just proves my point that now, if ever, is not the time to be stepping into one of the major controversies conflicting the US right now. We don’t need more drama and wars over facebook because Campbell’s couldn’t just make a commercial about their soup.

    • “As a kid, if I was watching this (yes even in today’s day and age) I would be confused.”

      I don’t think you would be. My experience as a married gay man is that NONE of my 13 nieces or nephews are confused by the fact that “Uncle Will and Uncle Rob love each other and are married just like Uncle Ken and Aunt Maureen.” Kids deal with FAR more confusing things every day (“Mommy has a baby insider her?” or “Clouds are water??” are only confused by same-sex couples when they’ve been trained to be confused. The confusion is literally unnatural.

      “We don’t need more drama and wars over facebook because Campbell’s couldn’t just make a commercial about their soup.”

      That’s EXACTLY what Campbell’s did.

  65. So when you deaignes this commercial, did anyone within corporate ask what the percentage of gays in the total population of their consumers? Did someone say…hum, what is the percentage of our consumers arw gay? What 2 percent? So your going to risk 98% of your consumer base for 2%?

    Having said that, it doesn’t bother me one bit. But, rather than alienating your consumer base with an education response that made you feel better, the beat response would have been just the soup offer. But you took it to the next level causing your major consumer base to start boycotting your product.

    I foresee the CEO stepping down to fix this problem, because this type of problem hits the inveator base and someone at the top will have answer for the loss.

    • They’re risking 98% of their consumer base? What makes you think that 98% (probably more like 94-96%) of the population that isn’t gay would be alienated by this? Many of those straights have gays as neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues, and support this ad wholeheartedly.

  66. Interestingly enough is that this also could be seen as two best friends taking care of a nephew of one of them and it has nothing to do with two married gay men and their child. Both adults wanted to be Darth Vader during an epic fun time feeding the nephew. Or maybe it would make you feel better to know that they are both straight guys who had sex with the same girlfriend and both are claiming to be the child’s father? Now there’s some good Christian values! Get over yourselves homophobic, religious fanatic people.

  67. While these are epic responses, you do know that isn’t actually Campbell’s Soup responding, right? You didn’t mention that in the article. The name responding is clearly different from the page name.

  68. Families come in all shapes, sizes and mixtures. When my grand mom was alive it was common for several widows to live together and it was NOT a sign of their sexual proclivities. So today can men who are single fathers live together and it is NOT automatically a “gay” relationship. I wouldn’t care if it were, but it is NOT. Wish some of our “Christian” commenters were more Christian and less judgmental. Jesus said NOT to do that, by the way.
    Meanwhile, I care more that children are nurtured and fed and educated and taught values of kindness and tolerance. I could care less who someone loves, it is so much better than hate and bigotry.

    Lastly, God has said every way and in almost every religion I can think of that Religion and Spirituality are to perfect the SELF, not to judge or criticize others. Until you have accomplished that task (and apparently many have a ways to go yet) don’t criticize others whom you don’t know well or whose circumstances you only guess to know.

  69. GREAT commercial, regardless of the sexual orientation of the actors, the director, the writers or anyone else affiliated with Campbell’s soup. Reading the hateful comments makes me want to buy Campbell’s soup exclusively. AND in my extensive experience at cooking for three boys and the many children that find their way to my table, I have found that Campbell’s makes the very best soups for recipes as well.

  70. To state a “correction” in a small box at the end of the article, while NOT applying said correction to the article itself, is pretty disingenuous and a very poor practice.

    (That said, it was pretty obvious to me that “Campbells ForHelp” was a troll account and I’m surprised if the author of this article never doubted it as well. The death of journalism. SIGH…)

  71. How do these “Christian” douchecanoes not know if the men are the biological father and the step-father?

  72. genesis,first chapter,29-30″behold i have given you every herb bearing seed,which is upon the face of all the earth,and every tree,in which the fruit of a tree yielding seed,””to you it shall be for MEAT,30AND EVERY BEAST OF THE EARTH,AND EVERY FOWL OF THE AIR,AND TO EVERYTHING THAT CREEPETH UPON THE EARTH,wherin there is life, ”i HAVE GIVEN EVERY GREEN HERB FOR MEAT,AND IT WAS SO,HOW MANY CHRISTIANS ARE VEGETARIANS,you gonna go along with the dead old testament,YOU CAN KILL YOUR CHILDREN IF THEY ARE DISOBEDIENT,AND ALCOHOLIC,AND GLUTTONS,oh the priests do this!!, you can have ”slaves of either sex,unless they are hebrew”,you ”work on the sabbath(saturday),YOU SHALL BE EXECUTED,PERIOD!!, onan,who masturbated,spilled his seed on the ground,WAS KILLED BY GOD,NOBODY HERE IF MASTURBATION WAS STOPPED BY GOD KILLING YOU. THIS IS THE STUPIDITY OF OLD DEAD CRAP, ”ABRAHAM HAD TWO WIVES,MANY DID,SO MUCH FOR ”CHRISTIAN FAMILY VALUES”,YOU EITHER BELIEVE IN WHAT JESUS SAID,OR OLD JEWISH LAW,AND THE DISCIPLES WHO BETRAYED AND LEFT JESUS TO DIE ALONE,WAKE UP

  73. There are 10,000 reasons why Campbells is shite, but the adverts are not it.

    I saw the ad, then watched again. It actually does not even suggest that it’s a ‘gay couple’ at all. It could be two uncles, or an uncle and a father, or any other combination of male relatives or friends or associates.

    Not sure why anyone wants to bash an advert for their own narrow minded perspectives? I wonder if it’s something to do with the ‘Soldier Dad’ character in ‘American Beauty’?


  74. I’m boycotting Campbell’s for being condescending and mocking our traditional values. If they think their responses will help business I fear they’re mistaken

  75. Fake news, and no I would never buy their soup after the gay garbage. Sex is private, I dont need to be TRAINED to accept gay people. I never had an issue with them UNTIL you tried to non stop shove it in my face

  76. Bitch you couldn’t take the effort to type that extra “t” in butt? Instead of worrying so much about some honosexual agenda…how ’bout putting that same energy into getting an education.

  77. the way i see it doesn’t matter whether a child has 2 moms or 2 dads as long as that child is loved is all that matters to and that’s what Campbell’s soup is saying as long as you child is happy it doesn’t matter if your gay,bisexual or straight as long as you and your family are healthy and love one an other! like seriously get over yourself if you think this is wrong then you weren’t brought up properly and in my opinion these dad’s in this video should get a high five for doing all the voices to get their child to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. The nay-sayers need to get their minds out of the gutter. I see 2 men feeding a child using one of the most popular lines from the Star Wars trilogy. Who ever said they were a couple. Could be Dad and a friend, could be Mom’s friends, could be Uncles. It’s a sweet commercial showing care for a child – it takes a village.

  79. Campbell’s Soup for the homo who loves MSG!!! Let’s do a transgender commercial now. That is still being force down the media shit pipe right? Homosex sells.

  80. Campbell’s soups are the best.
    As you said in one of your reply’s to these ignorant people, it is the 21st century, It is nice to see commercials with two dad’s or mom’s. I know plenty of kids that have grown up in these type of family and they are completely happy, they are married with children of their own, and yes some of them are men and women couples. Growing up with two mom’s or dad’s will not make you gay. I would be more worried about “Jess’s” children growing up with an ignorant mother like her. Why do people have to make a big deal, if you do not like it, do not watch it, read it, eat it, or buy it, now it is that simple. Get on with your own life and leave others alone. You too will be judged by the only one who can judge “God”, so I will pray for you all. Signed a gay Christian.

  81. ” You run your business as you like” and you are doing an amazing job and providing a heathy community service… thank you. This made my day. Excellent video.?

  82. Oh dear Buddha, I haven’t laughed so frikkin hard that I let out some pee in a long time !!! THANK YOU xox My only issue with the advert is that the parents are having too much fun being silly parents and their kid is just like FEED ME FFS !!!! EPIC EPIC job Campbells 🙂 🙂 🙂 ps. any chance of more vegan soups????

  83. Yes, it’s very smart to try to appeal to the 2% while potentially offending the 40%!
    If that is your strategy while you get pummeled by dozens of organic and healthier alternatives when you already have NO growth except through acquisition, I’ll be shorting your stock… It’s already at an 18 month low whilst the S&P is at all time highs… Guess things may not be working…

  84. I would like to begin by saying that ” I am gay.” I state that because what I say may cause you to believe otherwise. There are a lot of comments in this post section saying that anyone apposed to gay marriage has no reason to be, that they are hipocrytical, and stupid.
    Now I would also like to state that “I am Christian.”
    And in my mind those approaching the subject through a religious means may have the person(s) identified, in their hearts. For if you believed with out any room for error that homosexual indiviuals would be banished by the god you believe to be real than would you try to save them? Would it not leave you covicted and confused? The logical thing for people of today would be to cope through anger and teach that it is wrong. If you believed that they did the acts in which they do out of pure choice or a chemical imbalance would your thoughts not be of correction?
    I don’t believe these people are stupid only ignorant niave, they are not bad or evil only confused and scared.

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