People Were Mad At Campbell’s Soup Because Of Their Gay Friendly Ad And Campbell’s Had The Best Response Ever

You’ve all probably seen Campbell Soup’s recent ad.

It’s a Starwars themed advertisement featuring an adorable child and his gay fathers. Since it’s Pride month, it is also a great opportunity for companies to show their support to the LGBT community, and gain customers alongside!

If you haven’t seen the ad already, here it is:

However, not everyone was happy with the ad.

Campbell’s Facebook page received a lot of hate for the ad. Obviously, it was just a bunch of sad homophobic losers sitting behind screens. But the response they received was well deserved and pretty savage!

Check them out:


#1 “Homosexual agenda”? Oh, get a life!

#2 They don’t need customers like you anyway.


#3 YOUR Christian beliefs, not everyone else’s.


#4 Homosex? It’s an ad with a child in it.


#5 Get out of the stone ages, man.


Campbell’s, we’re proud of you!

Editor’s note: Campbells ForHelp is not a representative or member of Campbell’s Kitchens. It was most likely made by a third party to get a rise out of the commentors. There is no affiliation between Campbell’s Kitchens and Campbells ForHelp. We apologise for the confusion. 

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