People On Twitter Are Losing It Over This Butter Debate

There have been many significant decisions our generation has had to make – Trump vs. Clinton, Remain or Leave, is the dress blue and black or white and gold? These debates have all had their time and been discussed with great passion. However, on Twitter, a new fight is forming, and it looks like one that will rage for a long time; where do you keep your butter?

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Yes butter, the delicious substance we all spread over our toast and put in our cakes and grease our tins with, is tearing the Internet apart. The issue centres around a situation we’ve all been in; you’ve got up to make toast, it’s all warm and ready, and all you need to do is to spread the butter… but it’s been in the fridge all night, and it’s like trying to spread a rock. Not nice.

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That is why some people leave their butter out on the counter.

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However, this suggestion has been met with some controversy from the fridge camp, who reckon that this is not the done thing.

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So is there a right answer to this? Well, according to food safety expert Carol Schlitt, butter at room temperature (around 70°F or 21 Celsius) will go bad in a few days, but it will be alright for a few weeks if you keep it in an airtight jar.

So it seems like both sides have good points but which is the right way? Do you put your butter in the fridge, so it keeps for longer, or do you leave it out, so it is kept soft? Leave your answer in the comments below. I think I’ll stick to margarine, thanks.

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