People Trying To Sell Mirrors Clicks Most Hilarious Photos Ever And It’s Gonna Make Your Sides Hurt

How do you sell a mirror?

I mean don’t you have to take a picture first to sell something? Well, how do you take a picture of a mirror? What is a mirror you ask? Well, it’s a reflective object, so it’s quite probable that your face or part of the body will show up in the picture.

Now, that might not be a problem for you, but not everyone wants to put their body or face on craigslist. So how do we tackle this problem? Well, you put the mirror on your bed or a flat surface and take a picture like that.

However, sometimes this approach can be impossible when a mirror is nailed to a wall. That is probably when a Twitter thread is addressing this problem.

Do you notice a pattern here?

#1 A haunted mirror I see.

Via gabideg97

#2 Hello to you too!

Via craigslist_mirrors

#3 The top of the head just makes it even better.

Via abbyiscoolest


#4 I sense a story here.

Via craigslist_mirrors

#5 I absolutely love this foot photo.

Via Koheijito

#6 Using stairs as a hiding place, Brilliant.

Via SilviuMajor

#7 You are going to see a lot more of these.

#8 Is the dog included or not!?

Via locheeri0

#9 The sexy headless body.

Via BeatPutinArmWreslin

#10 I am quite satisfied with this picture.

Via msgnomer
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