People On Instagram Thought Kendall Jenner Is Pregnant So She Shut Them Up Hilariously

Since we all know how the Kardashians manage to stay in the limelight even unintentionally, here’s what happened just yesterday.

Kendall Jenner posted this picture of her on her Instagram, and people went nuts. And it wasn’t because they were admiring how pretty she looks, that’s because they thought she looks pregnant! SERIOUSLY?



Without a doubt, some pregnancy bits of gossip were most likely inescapable for Miss Kendall, seeing as every other person in her family is by all accounts expecting a kid at this moment, but…


Trying to point out a baby, that too in a picture where her belly seems just fine? That is ridiculously idiotic and awful. What the hell is wrong with people, I wonder?

However, the rumors of her being pregnant ignited a fire because it’s the Internet, of course!

Furthermore, the previous evening, Kendall reacted — in the most relatable way that she could have!

See for yourself.

That’s alright, Kendall. We can totally relate to you! Bagels are amazing, indeed.
Weight Watchers
Hopefully, people will stop being body shammed by assholes in 2018. Meanwhile, I’m just gonna go and get myself a bagel!
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