10+ People Talk About The Insecurities That Haunted Them And It Took Years To Overcome

Let’s face it. We all have tons of insecurities and worries that make living peacefully so hard. From being too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, or having a certain type of mark on your body, we get to see and hear this a lot.

Sometimes it’s the toxic people around us that hold us down like anchors, and sometimes it’s just us overthinking that makes us feel as if we are unattractive or unwanted. Either way, living with insecurities is one hell of a job! But we should know that there is much more to us than we think. This is not our limit. Sometimes we are too quick to underestimate ourselves and realize it later on. To share with you some inspiring and motivating stories we asked readers on Facebook to share their experiences. Here are some of the incredible responses that we got. Scroll down and have a look!

#1 Body Shaming needs to stop!

“I was always at least 4 inches taller than other girls my age, and I HATED being the center of attention wherever I went, especially since I was overweight. I hated high heels. I avoided anything that drew attention. Today I love it. I really love it. I go to parties wearing heels, holding my head high, and wearing red lipstick. I’m proud to be the way I am. We should all know that this body is the only one we’ve got. There’s not going to be another. Whoever is going to love us will love the whole package — but you have to be the first one to do so! It’s not easy, but believe me, coming from a person who refrained from going out because of body shame: it’s possible!” — Ingrid Lira

#2 Sometimes the smallest of things can change us in certain ways.

“My skin is REALLY white, and in my teens, I wouldn’t wear short skirts or shorts because I’ve always had varicose veins, and very visible veins in general that stood out. I overcame a great deal of that once I realized almost no one noticed my veins anyway, but I have to admit that I still don’t really wear short skirts or shorts. I think I’ve grown used to not wearing them because of the shame I felt.” — Natalia Weber

#3 There will always be someone who would criticize you no matter how good you look. Never let this get to you.

“I’m obese, and I was really ashamed of my body until I realized it’s the only one I’ve got. I need to live the best way I can, so today, I love every love handle, stretch mark and cellulite — and my health is doing great, by the way! All my exam results are excellent! I no longer stop living or loving myself because some people think I’m ugly. There’s always going to be someone who thinks that, regardless of your size. So be happy, just the way you are!” — Carla Juliane

 #4 Sometimes it really is just in our head.

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“I hated my thick legs, and I spent my whole life not wearing dresses. Then, when I was 28, I was wearing a dress at a bar and a guy told me, ‘Wow, great legs!’ Not that I needed that kind of validation, but that comment made me see that what I worried so much about was all in my head. And it made me think about how many opportunities I had to wear gorgeous outfits but didn’t, because it showed a part of my body I didn’t like. I wanted to go back in time and find my teenage self, crying in a fitting room, hug her and say: ‘Everything’s going to be okay. Trust me.'” — Elaine Andrade Barbosa

 #5 Every person is unique and beautiful. Don’t be afraid of who you are.

“I was the only black girl in my friend group … plus, I’ve always been a bit bigger than my friends, both in size and in weight. My teen years were hell. I was ashamed of going to the beach because I thought I was too fat, enormous, inadequate. Since I lived in a predominantly white area, I felt like I never fit the beauty standard, and boys didn’t even look at me.

I watched all my friends get into relationships, have crushes, and flirt at school parties. And I was just the fun friend who gave advice. It wasn’t easy. I remember not liking sleepovers at my friends’ houses, because they would wake up looking ready, with their long, straight, beautiful hair, and I’d look at myself in the mirror and not know where to start. I just felt like crying.

When I was 12, I had bulimia. I wasn’t living in the best environment for my self-esteem, but that experience helped me realize I could no longer accept being mistreated by anybody. Today I accept myself much more, especially because I started attending a university where I could be around other wonderful, inspiring black girls.” — Luísa Góes

#6 This one is cute actually.

“I was really scared of putting my hair up because I have big ‘flap’ ears, you know? But one day I decided to do it, and I saw that no one was looking at me funny, and I was very happy. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But my whole life I was bullied for it, and when I finally broke free, I realized how much time I had lost.” — Aline Müller

#7 Like they say “Communication is the key.”

“I have a skin condition in my breasts that makes them very saggy. For the first three years of my sex life, I had sex without taking off my bra. Last year, with the help of someone who made me feel safe enough to do it, I was able to take off the bra. Without a doubt, I’m much happier and feel more beautiful and sexier than ever.” — Mariana Martins

#8 “It’s great not to feel hot.”

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“It took me a lifetime to start wearing shorts, skirts, dresses and leggings, because I was ashamed of my really skinny legs. When I finally decided that I could let my legs out, it was liberating! It’s great not to feel hot!” — Analu Tortella

#9 It’s only when we let it go that we realize most of our worries were for nothing!

“I used to worry the flesh around my armpits, so I’d avoid wearing sleeveless shirts. Today I don’t even care; I’ll even wear them without shaving. I also used to have a lot of problems with my arms, because of the dark body hair. It would be morbidly hot, and I’d still wear long-sleeved shirts to school. I still have a few insecurities about my body, but I realized I was being silly with most of them and don’t care about that anymore.” — Camila Alves

#10 You are beautiful just the way you are.

“Back then I’d only wear shirts and pants, because I had a lot of body hair. I wished I could wear cropped tops, but I was embarrassed … I’d send nude pics to my boyfriend and apologize for not having the perfect body. I was really, really paranoid about my body, but one day I just said fuck it: ‘I was born like this and grew up like this. I can’t do anything about it, unless I want to work an insane amount and spend all of my money to get laser hair removal on my WHOLE body.’ Still, some days are tough for me.” — Flávia Theodoro Albuquerque

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