19 People Who Probably Just Started World War III

Did you ever want to prank someone? Did you ever get pranked?

Usually, if you ever look at people who do these things, it’s always just hurting someone in one way or another, at times, extremely sadistically but then justifying it with “It’s just a prank, bro!”

I’m looking at you, Sam Pepper.

But there are some that can pull a prank without it being too cruel!

I present to you, 19 instances where these pranks almoooooost started WW3

#1 Don’t eat doughnuts, eat your vegetables.


Twitter: @lady_gabbar

Krispy Kremes are a gift from the Gods, rivaling the ambrosia of the Greeks. To see three boxes of them, I would be so excited to open them! The absolute devastation this person must have felt resonates with me, I feel for you, man. I feel for you.

#2 This is an unforgivable offense

Twitter: @CringeLMAO

You know what I love about chocolate? It’s sweet. You know what I don’t like about Brussel Sprouts? They’re not freaking sweet!

#3 Spicy strawberry chocolate


Why man? Who would do something like this?


Twitter: @MorganBucholtz

You don’t do that! You just don’t do that! Messing with Chicken Nuggets is a cardinal sin!

#5 M&M, Skittles and Reese’s Pieces


All in one bowl. Who comes up with these?

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