People Are Sharing Shitty Life Tips And They Are Just Too Funny

Are you a connoisseur of all things useless? Have you ever thought of a life hack that is so dumb but still somehow works but had too much sense to try it out? Well, you are most certainly not alone. It seems the world is full of useless advice that is just too ridiculous to take seriously. From cutting up tennis balls to putting your phone in water, these tips will have you bursting with laughter as you wonder how anyone could possibly think these were good ideas.

Take a look at these crazy life hacks, courtesy of the sub-Reddit /r/ShittyLifeProTips. Oh and erm, if anyone needs help keeping their cake moist, I’m right here!

#1 Squeeze more tennis balls into your container with this crafty trick.



This would be great if you could get the balls back together again…

#2 Need pasta real quick? Add water to your toaster!


This just screams health and safety risk.

#3 Keep snacks toasty warm using your chargers.



I’m not gonna lie, this does seem like genius.

#4 This great advice for public bathrooms.


Well, you can’t deny it would work, even if it would give someone a heart attack.

#5 Save valuable time by eating toothpaste with your meals.


It would be the most disgusting meal ever but it would be minty fresh.

#6 Make your phone screen bigger by putting it in water.



There may be a slight flaw in this one…

#7 Conceal holes in your socks by colouring your skin with marker.



This works great for tights too! Just don’t take them off in public or people will think you have a weird bruise…

#8 This way of  asking if someone is crying.



“No… should I be?”

#9 Stop cake drying out by eating it all at once.



Now this I can get behind!

#10 Use your seatbelt as a bottle opener for your drinks in the car.



Unless of course, you are the one driving. Then focus on driving.



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