People Are Sharing The Brokest They’ve Ever Been And It’s Both Sad And Hilarious

Being broke sucks.

From being left behind when your friends hang out, to eating the most ridiculous things when you’re hungry, being broke really sucks.

I can understand since I’m a college student. Living off canned vegetables can be tough. Recently, Twitter user SheHatesJacoby asked people what’s the brokest they have been, and the answers are both sad and hilarious. Check them out.

He wrote on Twitter.


And Twitter responded quick.


Bread to the rescue.

He actually scavenged for coins.

Sleep to avoid the hunger.

Our dog’s needs come before our own.

This one just made me sad.

No one likes feeling like a freeloader.

Experiences like these either make you or break you. I hope these people are doing better now.

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