People On Twitter Are Sharing Best Advice They Have Ever Gotten From Their Therapist & We’re Here For It

Your mental health matters.

There are days when we feel less than our usual self and get negative thoughts. But those are the days that we are desperately in need of help. No matter how much you think that you are not going to think about negative things. You can’t always stop yourself.

And that is fine! Sometimes you need a little bit of outside help. Today, we are here to provide that. Recently, People on twitter shared the best advice they have gotten from their therapist. It’s never embarrassing to ask for help, trust me.

#1 TV in the bedroom.

#2 Selfishness.

#3 Hunger.

#4 Finding the flowers.

#5 Fixed.

#6 Accepting yourself.

#7 Different emotions.

#8 Acknowledging everything.


#9 Letting it all out.

#10 Getting a pet.


#11 Outweigh the negative.

#12 Love yourself.

#13 Be your friend.

#14 Days like these.

#15 Surviving.

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is always available at no charge, Call 800-273-8255 to receive confidential support for yourself or your loved one. Always remember that help is only a phone call away.

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