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People Shared The Worst Job Interviews They Have Ever Had That Ended Horribly

People Shared The Worst Job Interviews They Have Ever Had That Ended Horribly

So, this one is for the people who have given unprepared interviews.

The feeling you get when an interview goes wrong is one of the worst feelings you can get. It makes you feel disgusted and decreases your level of confidence too. People who are confident enough can improvise during interviews, and their answers are quite satisfying, even if they are not prepared for unexpected questions.

While people who aren’t confident would just lose it when something unexpected pops up, they get confused and nervous which decreases their self-confidence. Plus, if they fail the interview, their level of self-esteem drops down too. They start doubting themselves.

However, there are numerous people who had bad interviews because the HR guys are just assholes. Sometimes they would ask such random questions to confuse a person. Many people on Reddit shared their experiences, let’s check them out!

Type A Personality? What’s that?

Obviously, I would have gotten stuck too.

But was it a lady who took the interview?

That was somewhat clever if you’d ask me.

Why would you do that? You almost got hired.

80k doesn’t really count if your mind is not at peace.

Point noted. Being honest can get you a job too.

Are you kidding me!?

A roller coaster of lies.

It would have been awesome if you got the job though. Free pizzas!

Via Askreddit


I hate people like that!

Via Askreddit


That’s why you should always pay attention.

Via Askreddit

Well, you still got hired anyway.

Via Askreddit


But did you get hired? You should have.

Via Askreddit


Overconfidence can get you killed.

Via Askreddit


That’s heartwrenching.

Via Askreddit


Idiots tend to do that.

Via Askreddit


But if it were me, I would be honest and say “for the money!”

Via Askreddit

Oh well, many people have experienced these type of failed interviews. Most of them are hilarious! Have you ever failed an interview? Share it with us!

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