People Shared Their Work Related Fuck Ups On Twitter And This Guy’s Jumped In With An Insane Story

Your job is a significant part of your life.

It’s how you make money, it’s how you stay stable, it provides you with a routine with which you can keep your life together, and it teaches you things. It helps you grow. The responsibilities that come with having a job grows you into something that’s better than you were, and teaches you how to be the best version of yourself.

That is, if you constantly take your job seriously and it is something you love.

Sometimes, it’s just what we do because that’s what you need to do to function in a society. As such, sometimes you say or do things that mess you up. Like going into work. On Ketamine. And ending up alone in a room with your boss. And the President of Ireland.

Think that’s unreal? Check this guy’s story out.

Source: Twitter

It happened when he was eighteen.

He messed up his timings so it put him in an awkward position.

There will be some VIPs.

He was a sheltered kid and didn’t do much.

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