10+ People Share Major Secrets Their Spouse Hid From Them Until After They Got Married

Attempting to define exactly what relationship is, is not, could be a dissertation-worthy task itself due to lack of doctrines and rules from which this ideology has spawned. However , the one universal rule applying to every relationship is trust. But ever pondered over skipping some facts about yourself ? Well here are some of 15 Stories we found on AskReddit threads of couples having secrets.

1. The Funny Fart! 

Not quite after we were married, but I did my best to never fart around my wife while we were dating. I kept this up for a good six months. Then I guess I figured it was safe; if she left me at that point just because of my farts then it wasn’t meant to be. The first time I farted around her I swear she seriously considered leaving me. I wouldn’t have blamed her either because my farts are very very VERY smelly sometimes.

We have now been married 7 years and have a son and twin daughters on the way. Also, smelly farts appear to be genetic.


2. A Fake Pose 

 “I met my husband online–okcupid. I found out right before we got married, after dating for 5 years and living together for 3, that the picture of him posted on the site was staged–a profile of him using a camera timer in his room alone while holding a beer and talking to no one.

I don’t know which cracks me up more that I couldn’t tell or that he kept the secret for so long.”


3. Changing A Surname

“Not me but:

My cousin changed her last name to her husbands 10 days after they met.

She didn’t tell him this until they were married for 3 years and had a kid already. She said that, looking back on it, it looks psychotic. Yet, getting your name changed after filling out the paperwork for being a teacher is apparently a bitch to do. She figured she met ‘The One’ (not Jet Li), so she took his last name.”


4. The Haunting Family History

“Not marriage, but after engagement… His father brings us to a meeting to explain to me that my now-husband is the 23rd generation first born son since the beginning of the family, thus insinuating that I would be fucked if I didn’t give birth to a boy.

We have a daughter.”


5. For Sure!

“Literally 5 seconds ago I learned that my husband didn’t know women have to wipe after peeing.”


6. Hidden Talent

“After being married for almost 4 years I learned my wife can play guitar, like incredibly well. She saw an acoustic at the flea market 2 weeks ago and she just picked it up and started playing. My jaw f*cking dropped. I bought it for her and now she is teaching me how to play. :)”


7. Sour Allergy 

“My husband has some kind of crazy allergic mutation that makes lemons like sulfuric acid on his tongue. For serious, his tongue gets burned. To be fair, he didn’t know that was unusual until after we got married. My fav dessert is lemon bars and he thought I just liked burning my own face off. Cute twist: he would still make and eat lemon bars with me every year for my birthday until we found out. Then he got lemon banned.”


8.OUCH! That Might Hurt!

“My mom told my dad that she’s a few months younger than him. Six months into the marriage, my dad finds out that she’s three years older. 25 years later he still brings up how he was lied to. “


9. Cunning Cook

“The fact that she is actually a good cook! For 10 years I cooked almost every meal because every time she cooked it wasn’t very.. well.. good. Got married and ever since she has made awesome meals which are absolutely beautiful.

I asked her when she learned to cook and she told me she had always known how to cook but wanted to make sure I wasn’t marrying her to be a housewife who cooks and cleans for her husband.”

10.Eerie Cravings

“He has a watermelon problem. Like. He will sit down and eat an ENTIRE 12 -pound watermelon. Then get VERY ill, spend half the day pissing, complain about his awful stomachache, curl up and writhe around for awhile…then GO BACK to scavenging the rind for any bits he missed. I don’t know how this addiction hasn’t killed him. I didn’t find out about it until last year. We’ve been together for seven. I need to supervise him when we go shopping so he only buys the mini watermelons. If I leave him alone? He buys the biggest one he can find.

I mean watermelons are delicious but dear God.”


11. I Still Chose Him

“We weren’t married yet, but close. Him, sitting on my kitchen floor “Oh! Have I not told you about the skulls? ” Me: “The skells? Skills?” Nope, skulls. He has (present tense, people) a box of flesh eating beatles. People from all over the country send him the heads of animals they’ve hunted and killed and he cleans the skulls and sends the skulls back to them for a trophy. I chose that guy. “


12. German? Yes!

“We have been together 15 years and married for 7, we are watching tv the other day and someone starts speaking German and there are no subtitles – he translates it, like it’s no big thing. I’m like who ARE you? Apparently he’s watched so many war movies he speaks conversational German.”


13. When You Are Not The First

“That she had been married 6 other times. (yes, that’s a six). She said, “Only two counted because they lasted more than a year”. I thought I was denied some critical need to know information.”

Credits: Pb_Foot

14. Birthmark Or Poo?

“Not about my SO but about me. Apparently I have a birthmark on my ass that looks just like a shit smear. I didn’t know that until two weeks into the marriage she tells me about my permanent skid mark and that “I saw it when we first started dating and I really did think it was poo. It took me seeing it three or four times before I realized it was a birthmark. See I’ll always love you!” God I love that woman.

Update: just talked to my dad who admitted he has the same birthmark. I guess its in our bloodline to have shit permanently smeared on our asses.” 

Credits: cstanford94

15. Money Confessions

“I confess I didn’t tell my wife that I had a magic the gathering collection worth thousands of dollars until after we were married. “

Credits: Lavamancer

16. Other Family

My wife passed away. At the funeral I met her ex-husband, her 22-year-old son who she hadn’t seen for 19 years, and her other 20-year-old son who she gave up for adoption (from a different father).

I never knew any of them existed until the night before the funeral when her best friend asked if I minded if they came.

Yes, it was awkward. She never had spoken of them. The closest she came to admitting it was when we were dating and she said, “Don’t believe a word my sister says, she tells everyone that I’m divorced and had two kids.”

Seventeen years later I found out that was the truth.”

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