10+ People Shared Their FML Moments & They’re Worse Than Yours

Life sucks.

For you, for me, for all of us. It gets so bad that it’s actually hilarious at one point. Because nothing is going right, and the most ridiculous things just have to happen to us. It’s unreal!

Sharing your FML moments sometimes make you feel better, and sometimes they don’t. I say FML 200 times a day, and I share those moments with others so that they can have a little laugh with me. Hey, if I’m not happy, it doesn’t mean they don’t have to be either.

So here are some FML moments shared by people that’ll make you feel a bit better about your life:


#1 That is a CRIME.


#2 Maybe he stole her phone, think positive!

#3 EW.

#4 Not brushing with that EVER again.

#5 Be careful, virgin boy.

#6 Who feels bad about cheating on a test?

#7 Too late.

#8 That escalated quickly.

#9 Incest.

#10 That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve read so far.

#11 Hey, you offered her a shoulder before she died.

#12 It wasn’t worth it.

#13 Divorce. Now.

#14 That’s worse than breaking up over text.

#15 Deluded.

#16 Best birthday ever.

#17 I wish you could take it as a compliment, but you can’t.

So you thought your life was bad? These people really make you feel grateful for the life you have. Have you witnessed FML moments worse than these? Share your pain with us in the comments below!

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